Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading  – Video 10
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Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 10

do Thank You mr. speaker I call Rima Calvin Thank You mr. spigot somewhat surprised to be taking a call on a bill that’s been referred to the Social Committee but nonetheless I remember I remember in 2002 being involved with the social workers in my district in this very discussion that led to the setting up of the 2003 eight and some of the issues that Larissa wall raised we’re very pertinent at the time and she raised them and what I thought was a very good summary of that of the challenges that this that the Select Committee will face as they implement this bill because I think it it was a contentious issue at the time amongst their social working fraternity and one of the reasons it was a such a contentious issue is that many of our social workers had little in the way of qualification but are outstanding performers in the field and they felt intimidated by the need to have I guess qualification and I thought the point that Lewis are made about the costs of getting them qualified is when that’s certainly going to be of concern to them so Mr Speaker I won’t take any more time other than to congratulate you on your time empowerment and thank you for the great service you’ve done on the chair and and come in the bill to the house as to speak tonight where mr. speaker it would be remiss

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