Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading  – Video 5
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Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 5

in order to attend our koto couture stuart-smith Thank You mr. Speaker I too would like to wish the black ferns all the best and the World Cup and I hope they do bring that the cup home and also mr. speaker acknowledged your great contribution and guidance on the slick committees I say it with you on so I would very much enjoy that so all the best and your next part of your life and your journey mr. speaker that was a really good point that was made before by the previous speaker that of in the 2013 census of the of the people that identified themselves as social workers less than a third were actually registered and I think that’s a pretty sad statistic and a lot of ways this bill will actually tidy all of those things up and I think that’s fantastic for the for the profession because these people work in a really difficult thought they make a big difference to people’s lives and without the contribution New Zealand would be a much poorer place and I think to have those people actually have a formal qualification have their all of the rules that that’s around there under undertake professional development through their careers is something that’s long overdue and I really commend that I think it’s quite interesting to see the way that this bills come together the time that it’s taken and I’d really like to just take a moment to go back there come else if we’ll only you mentioned that the bill of 2008 but just like to point out to the house mr. speaker that it was actually introduced only a few days before Parliament rose because the current the Labour government was obsessed with getting the electoral finance act through because they were quite rightly very concerned about their their electron’s prospects and the upcoming election so it’s a bit rich to start blaming everybody else for the elective of urgency on such a bill so mr. speaker will that I think enough has been said on this bill and I’d like to commend it to the house thinking Jane lucky Thank You mr. speaker and I took

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