Soon: Legislation to #ProtectTheDream
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Soon: Legislation to #ProtectTheDream

Congress is introducing immigration legislation this month Dreamers, TPS and DED holders are under threat of being deported and torn away from their communities. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their families are currently at risk. We traveled to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress to ask the to act now. Dreamers like me have grown up here. We went to school here. Now we work here and give back to our communities. TPS holders like me have jobs, family, and pay taxes. We are your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors. Taking away the ability of thousands of DED holders Like me to work legally will hurt local economies across the United States. Without a permanent solution, America loses valuable members of our community, Us! We need your help. Call Congress and tell them to pass permanent protection For Dreamers, TPS and DED holders. Join me in keeping families together.


  • Stephen Bailey

    to all dreamers that are not American citizens. It is the dreams of American mothers and fathers and legal citizens who run this nation to send their kids to a better school and build a better country. It is not for illegal aliens or anchor babies to have the American Dream. Your parents tried to steal the American Dream and now our president is waking Americans up from this Latino invasion and destroy a lot of illegal dreams, which he should.. Take you your kids and your dreams and go back to where you came from because America is going to become a nightmare for illegal aliens, as it should be for illegals.. Goodbye dreamers take your dreams South of the Border where they belong.

  • Chloe052008

    The parents of illegals are at fault not America. Americans have to come first and stop these people from taking what rightfully belongs to American citizens. The dream act go back and come here legally that's the dream.

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