• Kyle Burdick

    ITS NOT GONNA DO A SINGLE THING!! It just means more people will have them 😀 MY UNCLE HAS SOM MANY COMING ALREADY 😀

  • Yew Tube Yoda

    I think blacks are being way to sensitive. Since when were they just so sensitive. It just seems like they are trying to cause issues with everything. This is bullshit and opens the door for many other things to be done. Just like the gay rights phase. Whats next, no more civil war reenactments because they wear confederate uniforms? Will it turn into shirts and skins? Wtf is wrong with people. This is America and we have the freedom to fly any flag we want and say and do whatever we want. We are no longer a country with freedoms. Most other countries have more freedoms then the usa does now.
    Honestly all it takes is one more bullshit freedom to be stripped and im moving to mexico. Where no country wants anything to do with and is left alone. Yes, im going to illegally enter mexico, not do it the right way.
    Completely insane over sensitive idiots ruining this country.
    We need trump more then trump needs us right now.

  • grumpychuck

    This shameful symbol started flying over the South Carolina state house in 1962 as some sort of moronic emblem of resistance to the civil rights movement. This is what makes it particularly distasteful. Anyone who opposed taking that flag down has shown themselves for the racists that they are. The good people of SC should make sure that these dimwits never hold office again.

  • Ibrahim Z

    Why is that flag coming down? Emotions shouldn't get in the way of freedom of speech and the right to fly the flag

  • Timothy L. ove

    I supposed they will find out during voting time if their idea was a good one.
    But then again they could find out sooner, it's almost as if they're challenging someone.
    Now if someone goes and kills a bunch of people with a American flag, will they take down the stars and stripes as well. Just say it's evil and then have a woman cry & the drunk nerds will fall in line.

  • The realest

    White people how does it feel to lose your country that your ancestors gave u to blacks, Mexicans, asians, and Muslims?

  • All American Dream Chaser

    It's a slippery slope. Maybe they need to ban guns and ammunition. Maybe just remove the second amendment. George Washington owned slaves so, he's got to go also. Hell, it looks like all the founding fathers owned slaves. Maybe we need to ban all white people.

  • Phil Collins

    This is when you can tell that a majority (if not all) Democrats are ignorant. I have a saying that "If the Republicans agree, all is not as it seems." You fools just gave a future victory to the Republicans and didn't even know it. Oh well, helps my vote.

  • MadChatter17

    Ppl don't realize how negative of a feeling it is seeing someone sport that flag. I lived near skinheads. A license plate frame, a shirt or sticker can be like a bright WARNING sign of possible danger. I still have a scar on one of my left knuckles try to tell me it's not a racist symbol.

    Maybe it's just a southern pride symbol where your from but racist groups have hijacked and ruined it all over the country. Take it up with them.

  • NCC1701K

    Let The People Vote?

    Where were the cries of, " Let The People Vote" when the Dixie Swastika was placed on the State House Dome?

    Where were the cries of, "Let The People Vote" when the Dixie Swastika was placed on a flagpole on the State House Grounds?

    15yrs ago, I clearly heard loud chants of, "Off The Dome And In Your Face!"

    Was that your Heritage talking or your Hate?

    Now supporters of this Treasonous Battle Rag, of a lost war, that sought to keep humans enslaved, will get the chance to hear, "Off The Pole And Into The Garbage !"

    ….and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do wear your Hats, T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, anything and everything that will identify you as a Supporter of the Dixie Swastika! It will serve as your Scarlett Letter!

  • Zach Allen

    Half these people don't even know what the Confederate flag stands for, it doesn't mean slavery. It promotes pride in heritage, and memorializing the right to stand up against the government for what you believe in.

  • redwagon1967

    The confederate flag is a symbol of freedom. Like the American flag, the confederate flag was made because a group of people stood up to their governing forces to fight for what they believed in.

    Isn't this what America was built on?

    The flag should stay. The government is taking away our first amendment one day at a time.

  • Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you *pounces on you*

    Obama is against the confederate flag but supports slavery.
    But don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

  • swoll1980

    How does a white kid wearing a bullet proof vest, take the first parking spot, and sit in there for an hour? Doesn't make sense…

  • Savoir Fair

    School time;

    "By 1860, sectional disagreements between North and South revolved primarily around the maintenance or expansion of slavery. Historian Drew Gilpin Faust observed that "leaders of the secession movement across the South cited slavery as the most compelling reason for southern independence."[20] Even though most white Southerners did not own slaves, the majority of white Southerners supported slavery. Besides supporting a right to hold slaves, one explanation given for why the majority might support this minority position was that they did not want to be at the bottom of the social ladder.[21] Related and intertwined secondary issues also fueled the dispute; these secondary differences included issues of free speech, runaway slaves, expansion into Cuba and states' rights."

    "In what later became known as the Cornerstone Speech, C.S. Vice President Alexander Stephens declared that the "cornerstone" of the new government "rest[ed] upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth".

  • george stone

    Now does this mean that the black are going to quit with there my great great grandmother was a slave so therefore you did me wrong, I doubt it


    well welcome to the nine teen hundred sc it A half an half situation while you have hippies an eletric light to look forward to there also circumcision an pop music so yeah might want to walk in to the ocean or something cause the modern era except for the sixty pretty much sucks.

  • Matthew Richardson

    I don't support the Confederate Flag; it's not my flag.  However, those that get up and cry and scream about it, dancing on the graves of people, are obtuse and irrational.  The flag isn't a symbol of hate, but they're trying to turn it into one.  Flag or not that idiot punk would have still killed people.  It's like the flag is being made an inanimate scapegoat for what is actually a bigger systemic problem of racial inequality.  They'll spend time on debating the flag just so long as Federal Prisons have a steady supply of young black men.

    Ask Native Americans how they feel about Jackson being the $20 bill.  He's a symbol of hate for many groups.  Conversely, I grew up in an Indian town in Maine, Skowhegan (a place to watch).  My High School is called the Skowhegan Indians and we had an Indian mascot.  In all the race-baiting our town got confused as being racially insensitive like the Washington Redskins, when in reality the town has a strong Indian Heritage.  The debate around the Confederate Flag bears the same absurd hallmarks.

    South Carolina, it's your flag and it's up to you to keep it up if you want it.


    all joking an complaining to the side this was A good decision I have honestly no Ideal why it was up this long since it basicaly the flag of A rival gov that like china flying the flag of japan or something.

  • wtftjones

    a country who forgets its past, has no future…………
    BTW: nobody has banned the flag except a few liberal pansies like walmart, warner bros. and sears.  idiots took the confederate flag off the general lee but left his name on it??????????? they gonna rename the car next lol

  • Et234 Gtt5456

    The Democratic flag should stay- the flag that the democratic governor put in place. As a republican, I think we need to put the flag back, to let the world see the democratic parties heritage.

  • Thorsrage13 Valhalla

    I'm done. I love America, but to my fellow patriots. America is on her death bed. Going back to the motherland (Ireland).

  • T Barry

    The rag of "treason" has finally come down but the heritage of "treason" will still live in the hearts of many sympathizers…

  • John Edge

    At one time it was great to go to S.C. but give a bitch like nikki power and she fucks it up. I say bring all flags down. And kick that bitch to the curve. Her and her family. This world wont be long before judgement day comes. Hope that bitch.her family.and congress gets sent to hell.and those who wanted that flag to come down.America.the land were bitches are on the rag. And people with no back bone.

  • Retron57

    The idea was never to beat racism. It was never to erase history. The idea was to remove a racist symbol of tyranny from statehouse grounds. It’s still in museums. Textbooks. You can still put the symbol on your house, car. Wear the T-Shirt.

  • Al Underwood

    The people that want this flag taken down, don't believe in God and values, if they did they would stand for a flag that states those values. The red stands for christen values, the blue stands for freedom, the St Andrews stands for God. The American flags stands for slavery in the whole country if you don't understand, look at what the leaders have done to to the cities then, unemployment is very high, wages are low, blacks whites, every other leader, is part of the elite, they want a one world government, and to bring this once proud county to a third world county.

  • Reviews And To Infinity

    For one thing, the secession was actually legal. The North fought the South only to preserve the Union. Robert E. Lee had a higher regard to African Americans than Lincoln did, in fact him and Stonewall Jackson both described slavery as a "moral and political evil". Seventy-five percent of white Southern families did not own slaves. Not all blacks in the South were slaves, about ten percent of blacks in the Upper South were free and made their living as laborers or small tradesmen. Less than two percent of blacks in the Deep South were free, but they tended to be rich and own slaves themselves. If there had been no Civil War, the South would have abolished slavery peaceably (as every other country in the Western Hemisphere did in the nineteenth century). And now we have racist people making this flag look bad and making everyone wanting to take the rebel flag down. I rather be historically accurate than politically correct.

  • Chris M.

    The confederate flag has nothing to do with slavery! You ignorant losers need to see past the black peoples perspective. No, I am not racist. I am just stating the obvious. The confederate flag was just a flag of the South during the civil war. And the civil war wasn't over slavery either. It was over the South trying to secede from the North. So why not keep the flag to remind everybody of that horrible war and how many lives were lost. People need to stop complaining so much. All you people want is for the law to give you everything. Grow up and get over it! Ya'll that want it down are complete idiots.

  • Kyle Towe

    It disgusts me that we are appeasing a minority who bitch and moan about their lot in life, which they do little to improve, and the suffering of their ancestors, whom they never met to get first hand accounts, being their own. The Confederate flag stood for so much more than slavery and racism. It stood for the struggle of power of the federal government over state governments, of the privileged few over the masses in this our beloved democratic country. People have forgotten the truth and are too easily lulled by propaganda and modern ideologies.

  • 2coool Foskool

    It's about time they lost the war a long time ago , it symbolizes an American swastika, Old glory will fly

  • Al Underwood

    You understand the u.s. f;ag was flying over the country during slavery the Generals of the North kept their slaves way after the south gave up theirs, so if you thing the stars and bars is a symbol of hate, then way did the KKK fly the American flag with their rallies?

  • Al Underwood

    I guess the answer is yes, people don't remember that the KKK fly the American flag at rallies ,and in the parades, the American flag stood for slavery long before the stars and bars.
    The Generals of the north did not want the blacks to fight with white soldiers, the north also was responsible, for  the miss treatment of blacks, look at the was the leaders are, they say a black person has not intelligence, this is why they need housing, welfare, and every other help out they can get, us in the south thing and will let the blacks improve themselves, along with them fighting with us, look at Korea, ww2, Vietnam and tell me they where treated equally.

  • Al Underwood

    Why not allow the people of s.C. to vote on it.
    What will you say is 51 percent of the people decide to replace the American flag to the rainbow flag, as the gays are taking over this country.

  • Todd Stepp

    It is not a symbol hate lady. A flag is what it is on how it is used. The flag that was on the state capital was at a memorial to Confederate soldiers. That is not hate. That is a tribute to soldiers doing their duty.


    Why not remove the American flag?  It offends Native Americans who's ancestors were killed (over 100,000) and driven off their land (practically genocide)…slavery lasted for 70 years under the stars and stripes…its so convenient to forgive a symbol under these terrible acts but the confederate flag has to come down because some people from that time period still believed in slavery?   How about the fact that American independence was lost when federal troops carried the american flag and forced the free states under the control of the federal government.  These free states already won their independence in the revolutionary war and then they were forced to surrender their independence in 1865.  If you don't believe in state independence then you are not an American.

  • lkclamp

    You are aware that it was a battle flag right. It represents Americans that died in battle. Why don't we just get rid of the us flag as well since it represents soldiers sacrifice and lives taken in war. Ignorant people need a history lesson and stop listening to the gossip on what they "think" it stands for. Every race has individuals that despise other races. Who cares. Put your big boy pants on and stop acting like a child. As for this kid that killed those people in the church that stirred this up, he would have done it either way. He was crazy in the head just like any murderer. The flag didn't make him do it but yes let's just throw a piece of history in the garbage. Land of the FREE? In GOD we trust? What happened to all that.. let's just tear this nation apart some more people.

  • lkclamp

    By the way since this apparently is a race thing? Where's the NAACP for white people? So who's playing the race card and keeping racism alive??? Think about it.

  • Edward Stratton

    Let me guess these communists who want the flag down would be alright with putting the Gay pride flag on SC statehouse grounds. Thank God Dylan Roof wasn't holding an American flag I guess we would have to take that down too. They may as well take it down because we don't live in a free country anymore.

  • Deb Libra


  • montyp1369

    Absolutely ridiculous that you cannot find any retailers selling confederat flags, but you can buy all the Nazi Germany flags and replica SS uniforms you want.

  • Keith Woolridge

    The south lost the war. It is not the flag of the nation. It is the symbol of hate. Men carrying that flag and wearing white sheets and carrying nooses were responsible for lynching hundreds of my ancestors. It is the symbol of hate. If you are a friend of mine and you love it so much, I know where your heart is.

  • Al Underwood

    The people of S.C did not vote to take it down, none of the elected officials never ran on a platform to take it down.I wonder how many will get elected after this term.

  • Al Underwood

    My biggest problem with education, is I was badly injured in the Army, so some of writing may not be up to your ivy  tower one.

  • richard lanning

    Let me ask you this so if it was an American flag in his hand will we think the same way take the flag down. This dam young generation has alot to learn about consequences future will hold.

  • Kevin de Leon

    IDK why ppl are offended of this flag I'm Hispanic but that flag doesn't bother me cuz all I see is a flag and don't start saying "well your not black so you wouldn't no" cuz we both are ppl and racists hate everyone who is not their race plus just cuz someone has a confederate flag tattooed on or has a flag doesn't mean their a racist, shit I see black ppl and Hispanics with confederate flags. It's not like the flag has words saying the "N" word or has a picture of a Black person being lynched (hung) and we should just progress on in life and worry about the better things in life.

  • Nate H

    Looks like censorship..i use to look at this flag as an image of rebellion, rebel flag, as to rebel against authority and not to conform

  • Southern Gentleman

    The Confederacy was extremely diverse. 50,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy like black Confederate sailor W. S Lewis from CSS Alabama https://www.navyandmarine.org/ondeck/1862blackCSN.htm, Cuban Woman Loretta Velasquez dressed as a man to fight for the Confederacy https://www.battlefields.org/learn/biographies/loreta-janeta-velazquez, Cherokee and Choctaw tribes fought for the Confederacy. The last Confederate General to stop fighting was Cherokee General Stand Watie https://www.battlefields.org/learn/biographies/stand-watie. 10,000 Jews fought for the Confederacy, like Moses Ezekiel.

    The war was fought against Northern oppression and the tariff of 1828, called the Tariff of Abominations in the South. It was the worst exploitation of the South. The North shot first at Harpers Ferry and invaded the South. The North also killed 50,000 civilians and destroyed cities like Atlanta, Vicksburg, Richmond, Nashville, and so on.

  • braxton church

    These people suck they don't even know what it stands for like bro it's not racist it's history who ever wants to take it down you suck

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