Springfield Land ~ Universal Studios ~ Harry Potter ~ Butterbeer
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Springfield Land ~ Universal Studios ~ Harry Potter ~ Butterbeer

ladies and gentlemen I have been given
an opportunity to do something on my bucket list for a very long time see
behind me finally may found my way to Universal Studios here in Orlando
Florida and many of my subscribers have been telling me as I’ve been coming to
Disney hey every time you come to Orlando you skip this place yeah I do
that’s because they apparently they have some awesome rides but you cannot fill
them on any ride in Universal Studios any of the three parks so today I will
be sharing with you my first experience of both parks I got a part copper thank
you to my buddy Todd for hooking me up here in the Orlando area so that I can
go experience this park and I’m going to share as much as I can with y’all here
on a nice sunny day it’s gonna feel like 90 degrees here in January hi is like 86
87 but it’s gonna be warm Orlando yeah yeah they got some cool rides
whatever but the highlight the Universal Orlando is Springfield and Simpsons land
obviously on big Simpsons fan I got Homer over here on this arm and got Bart
over on this arm let’s go check out Springfield guys oh my gosh so much
Simpsons stuff that’s a cool blue hat too
I really like that hat oh my gosh Simpsons basketball there’s it she and
Scratchy whack a rat mr. burns radioactive rings like
Harambee Krusty that’s the ride that’s the Simpsons ride over there definitely
going to have to check out this ride no cameras allowed in there but I’m gonna
go get in line I just got out of the ride it’s a just a virtual moving seat
right type thing but you know the Simpsons land that I wanted to see this
evening find some good food or drinks here and in Springfield shoot the guy I
love all the game bad side showed you wild and willies
with prizes was like a carnival Thor she throws and strike and they got some
kiddie rides with the aliens twirl and hurl over there kwik-e-mart we can go
get some sour milk there from a pool where you can get your squishy or your
death bear oh my gosh Simpsons magnets from Springfield it’s a
bottle opener dried up and lady Duff I do already have magnet looks like that I
kinda like the big rubber frosty donut that’s oh by the way Fridays are my
cheat day just letting you know I’m not gonna overdo it today but for food
options we got Cletus Cletus is chicken shack there and across the street they’ve actually got Duff Beer over here
apparently there’s the Duff Beer sign in their deaf Gardens come back to the beer
kind of hungry for lunch first I gotta have some good food at the
Krusty Burger in Springfield it’ll be a good burger greasy – you got the frying
Dutchman man again leave is the chicken shack and dusty burger and of course a
flaming Moe’s or is it up claiming homers vulgar burger the mother nature burger
Sideshow Bob Oh went with the Krusty burger with bacon
and fries there’s what the flaming Moe’s looks like that looks awesome man oh my
gosh all that healthy eating I needed this
I love it lard lad doughnuts former’s favorite yeah I don’t need a doughnut
right this second though looks like chief Wiggum got into a
little bit of trouble here hit a fire hydrant yeah Duffman gives you heartburn
and heart disease oh yeah and what goes best after a nice
crusty burger we got to stop into Moe’s Tavern and have a Duff Beer was a douche
poof of beer okay got up at the counter yeah all right my orders in I mean they
even match the windows and they got the love tester that Homer used all right
goddamn it Springfield was pretty cool I’m pretty impressed by what Universal
did gonna hop on the Hogwarts Express and go over to the other Park islands of
adventure for a sorry I wish I could take you along for
all these rides but universe’s women you’re right Wiggum these are some
pretty good donuts thanks for talking about it Duff Beer for the road here’s we’re in another country now
we’re in London sir there’s some Harry Potter references around here wait a
minute there’s the bus yeah we are what a cool land they did we did really
good here looking a good place to eat right Harry
Potter world continues once we get on the Hogwart Express right through that
tunnel right there and go over the other Park Island of adventures all right here we go all right we are
upstairs that’s good and we’re gonna exit to Hogsmeade
islands of adventure yeah and here we are look at the snow on
the roof I love it Wow butter beer let’s butter beer yeah we’ll
skip it felt somebody screaming at me from the
other side of the lens when I passed up the butterbeer maybe I better get one
okay geez try it alright there it is it’s like um it’s
like a caramel yeah it’s caramel I think I guess that’s the Dole Whip of
Universal Studios basically it is really good actually
I like it oh wait a minute Oh
Jurassic Park popcorn it’s one of the Jeep’s used in the movie
not be a tour one but JP 23 mr. t-rex up there time for another coaster in a bowl man what an awesome time I had it
Universal those two parks are amazing I I am just blown away by that being a
Disney guy it is amazing that right across the street right across the bay
there in Orlando exists Universal Studios which is a fantastic place I
again for like the fourth time it is really difficult to make a youtube video
about the rides when you can’t film the rides and they are super super strict
about everything cameras get to put all your backpacks all of your glasses and
hats and everything has to be stored in lockers before every single ride I mean
if you haven’t been to Universal you don’t know what I’m talking about if you
know Universal you’re like you guys are like I know exactly what you mean Eric
it is a very strange very the exact opposite of Disney and I’m just saying I
personally wish I could do my normal thing it is not allowed at Universal so
I filmed the lands in the public places where you’re allowed to do video instead
and shared it with you but I’m exhausted I put on 8.2 miles of walking today
still going to do my workout tonight before I go to bed so I’m exhausted
thank you again Todd for hooking me up with the tickets little Channel
highlight if you’re looking for a fun Channel something with some RV camping
and related at camp hosting type stuff check out the glamping guys on YouTube I
will link them at the end of the video and in the video description below I got
a couple magnets as you saw I could get the pink magnet huge sprinkled donut for
Homer for Springfield and to commemorate the entire universal trip I got this
half globe Universal magnet very cool-looking Magnum so again I was just
editing the video getting getting the finalized stuff here and I’ve been
posting pictures on Instagram and some stuff and I again I did notice I’ve been
been been over this but getting hounded on Instagram this evening by everybody
Erica thought you’re gonna dye it pics going on Eric you promised you wouldn’t
drink beer you promised you would stop eating burgers and I’m like again I don’t know who people just
choose to tune out my videos I had to Wednesday weight loss videos posted
already and I’ve already talked about the specific diet I’m doing for body for
life which allows me my cheat days I never never said it wasn’t gonna drink
beer you guys some of you guys are jumping to conclusions go back and
listen to my videos I get a cheat day once a week I have decided that Friday
is that cheat day I’m not gonna go over this every single week for all the
people who are just making up whatever they want to believe yes I’m on a diet
yes I get a cheat day no I never said I’m giving up everything forever anyway
we got another weight-loss Wednesday coming up soon so and I’m leading in the
county I’m leaving the area where land oh for sure we’re heading west guys have
a great evening I’m gonna hang out with Jackson finish
up this video see you guys next time bye


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