State Department Helping Trump Violate Constitutional Laws
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State Department Helping Trump Violate Constitutional Laws

Apparently the US State Department has actually
been helping Donald Trump violate the US constitution, uh, at every possible turn. According to a bombshell, new report from
Reuters, seven different foreign governments in just Donald Trump’s first year in office
2017, uh, submitted applications to the State Department, a grand total of 13 applications,
basically saying, hey, we know we’re a foreign government. We know you got this new guy that owns a lot
of properties. We actually want to buy or lease or renew
a lease or rent one of these properties of his, we’re trying to uphold the law here cause
we got to do this. Here’s our note requesting this. Please pass this on to Congress because Congress
has to approve it. That’s how you avoid any violation of the
emoluments clause. If Congress approves it, everything’s A-OK. There’s no rule breaking. There’s no shredding of the constitution. Everything’s good to go. And it’s really sad that these foreign governments
knew that. And yet the president himself did not. And apparently the folks at the State Department
didn’t know that either because they never sent those requests to Congress. They just approved them. And that ladies and gentlemen is illegal. So once again, we have evidence showing that
Donald Trump this time with the help of the State Department, broke the law by violating
the emoluments clause. This is clear as day. There is no question about this. We know now that this happened, we know the
State Department did not follow the rule of law and they did not get congressional approval,
but they went ahead and approved it anyway, allowing these foreign governments to rent
properties, pay rent that would eventually end up back in Donald Trump’s pocket. That is in a monument that is illegal, that
is a violation of the United States constitution. Uh, but again, really shocked that these other
countries who happened to be Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand,
and several countries from the European Union, that they actually knew the rule of law here
in the United States and they, to their credit, actually tried to do the right thing. You know, regardless of your opinion of these
countries, you know, I’m not a huge fan of Saudi Arabia by any stretch of the imagination. One of the worst human rights abusers on the
planet and yet even they said, well, hold up. We got to do things by the book here. We don’t want to screw anybody over. We don’t want to get anybody in trouble. We don’t want to break the law. In this instance, we’ll break the law in every
other instance in our own country and cross the glow, but not here. We want to make sure we get this property
legally and we don’t get Donald Trump at any trouble and yet in spite of their best efforts,
they still came up against the State Department that said, Nah, screw it. We don’t need approval. Let’s do this. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, the worst that could happen is that
Donald Trump right now is facing multiple different lawsuits from different parties
in different courts for violations of the emoluments clause. One of those cases was actually just ruled
on this week where the judge said, hell yeah, this thing’s moving forward. Buckle up big guy. It’s going to be a long ride. Things aren’t looking good for Donald Trump. I mean, that’s pretty obvious. It’s been a pretty bad couple of weeks for
him. Ever since the, uh, Muller report wrapped
up, he thought that was the end of his problems, but oh no. Things have gotten so much worse for him since
then. Between the emoluments lawsuits between the
Deutsche Bank and capital one, law suits that he’s filed to shut them up, the lawsuits he’s
had to file against Democrats to stop them from seeking records. His attorney general now could be facing impeachment. He could be facing impeachment because his
attorney general lied about the obstruction of justice evidence. Holy Hell, this man is not having a good couple
weeks. And to be honest, I couldn’t think of a better
person for this string of misfortunes to happen too.


  • Henry Philippeaux

    What crime will Trump commit next?
    Will he walk out into the street and shoot someone in broad daylight? Will he lose voters then??

  • vampireheart1987

    America 🇺🇸
    The land of unlimited opportunities… to break the law without being convicted by a court 👍
    (as long as you're white and rich. Otherwise you could be sentenced to death for a stolen candy bar – without actually being guilty)

  • Maryanne Ratema


  • Judy Bernstein

    Are all of these lawsuits he’s filing being paid by us taxpayers? Trump himself and his family need to pay for these lawsuits not US!

  • SpyroTDragon

    Well, ao much for making American great again. It don't include violating the Constitution. I am deeply oppose to.

  • Yvonne Camacho

    It seems all branches of govts here are illegal right now except for Congress and that’s because of the last election, sleepy people got awakened and saw the deception so voted Democrat. Well the Repubs are doubling down for the next one, more laws, lies, corruption. So guys stop with the sleeping pills and stay awake to see what the next set of deceptions are the Repubs will throw at you and vote as many as them out of office as is possible. Take our country back and truly make America great instead of grate again because it will continue to grate as long as they have majority control of us.

  • Tmobile Customer

    Lock them all up, shave Trump The Chumps head, feed them all on paper plates, AND never let Trump The Chump near a tv, a cell phone, &/or Twitter!!!!

  • DevilDog 2600hz

    Trump/Pence(?) 2020: Violate Constitutional Laws & Win! It's kind of their plan.

    Vote the GOP out.

  • msndrstdwlf BB

    Djt is a tyrant and dictator. He exploits every opportunity for his own personal benefit. He will never leave office voluntariy. When i was a child i couldnt understand how satan would fool most of the world, even Real Christians if possible. Well now i see it happening right in front of my face. By repackaging his image just before election from liberal democrat atheist to a conservative honest Christian. If the anti-Christ was in your own political party would you be able to recognize him? If he claimed to be Christian but had not the Holy Spirit within him, could you tell? He alone is fulfilling biblical prophecy in every detail. Why hasnt anyone noticed? List the character traits and determine who fits All of them. The blood of saints and martyrs is still yet future.

  • Tmobile Customer

    Why can't we use the same encryption system as the banks on every voting machine in every city, county, & state to keep the GOP from stealing any more elections?

  • Mungo Munro

    What is apparent is you guys just can't take the facts as they are.
    No collusion (which isn't a crime)
    No obstruction by Trump or his campaign team or anyone in his family.
    You guys had all your hopes and dreams in that basket.
    Now you're just sad that it didn't come out your way.
    Your hero is now your nemisus.
    Bill Barr has ruined your lives,huh?
    Just like Trump did when We the people,the Patriots voted for MAGA.
    Hardee har har.
    Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
    How many ways can morons be laughed at,let us count the ways.

  • Ramiro Rodriguez

    Thanks for putting this out. With the release of the Mueller report, everyone is forgetting about the emoluments violations.

  • Ace Phoenix

    It’s time for Trump to make a choice either resign as president of the United States or sell his company. Because he isn’t winning his battles in courts and with the one that went through. His best interest is to resign before he slapped with impeachment on his face.

  • jl sc

    wait…wait…wait…no…nope….not at all surprised, the trump administration in total is blatantly crooked, they don't care, they're protected by the wh.

  • John T

    What fucking hairbrush violated that bald bowling ball on top of your shoulders. Tom hanks in philadelphia comes to mind

  • Russell Herberg

    What's really annoying is that the Repubs made Jimmy Carter SELL his farm when he was elected! More hypocrisy from the right: Do as we say, not as we do.

  • jmjdje

    “Things aren’t looking good for Donald Trump.” We’ve been saying that for two years. I’m telling you the longer that corrupt idiot stays in power. The more damage he will do and maybe it might not be as easy as you think of removing him. Just saying. #ROF

  • David Keesee

    Hey Yo you wanna shut down the Middle East by electric cars it’ll take me 8 hrs and you have a charging station or 3 at your house for 400.99

  • Fantasy Bedtime Stories

    While I love listening to ur videos. They are informative and I love ur passion.

    The truth is we are stuck with the Mango Monkey for another 2 years (Goddess willing only 2 more). He's one of the untouchables. He is the definition of elite and privilege. He'll never have to pay for his crimes. Those ID10Ts in his admin break the law like a germaphobe uses hand sanitizer and NOTHING. F*ing crickets from the Dems and LEO. Hell the damn AG is breaking the law and, again, fraking crickets.

    But thank you for sharing your passion and outrage with us. Keep up making those awesome vids!

  • William Girard

    Do you have links to more info about this? The State Department breaking protocol with respect to the solicitation of permission by these countries?

  • Raymond McComas



    To a narcissist like that orange orangutan laws and rules don't apply to him. And his cult followers wholeheartedly embrace that sentiment.

  • John M.

    It has become evident after Trumpty took office that the POTUS has more power to manipulate constitutional laws to it's advantage than what is considered acceptable.
    Once this criminal is out of office, Congress and the Judiciary should retake a look at Executive privilege and the extent of what over reaching powers a POTUS has.

  • BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus

    All republicans, especially those who so viciously and angrily defended trump for the last 2 days, are just as guilty as trump and barr.

  • Eddie Johnson

    Lock them up immediately! Putin's puppet! Parlayed with Putin! Barr has lost all credibility in Congress and is I'm contempt of Congress! Just disgusting and deplorable! Lock the criminal element up immediately! Impeach, remove, and prosecute #45 immediately! Putin's puppet! Parlayed with Putin! Just sickening!

  • Ms Cloudherder

    Hi! I posted this in a thread down below, but thought I would post it up here because of the amount of people trying to serve up disinformation.

    It is under the section of the Emoluments Clause Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 called the Nobility Clause.
    Here is a passage in which it is explained. “The word "emolument" has a broad meaning. At the time of the Founding, it meant "profit," "benefit," or "advantage" of any kind. Because of the "sweeping and unqualified" nature of the constitutional prohibition, and in light of the more sophisticated understanding of conflicts of interest that developed after the Richard Nixon presidency, modern presidents have chosen to eliminate any risk of conflict of interest that may arise by choosing to vest their assets into a blind trust. As the Office of Legal Counsel has held, the Constitution is violated when the holder of an Office of Profit or Trust, like the President, receives money from a partnership or similar entity in which he has a stake, and the amount he receives is "a function of the amount paid to the [entity] by the foreign government."”
    In other words, if a Trump business that he is holding is paid by a foreign government, and he doesn’t get the approval of Congress, he is in violation of the Emoluments Clause Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8.
    In reality, Donald Trump has violated the emoluments clause in many ways, including his election fund and his inauguration Party fund after he was President Elect, and continually since.
    This one of MANY reasons that Democrats want something done about him. He has violated the Constitution in so many respects that the SDNY is finding that they will have to cherry-pick which are the most important or the most sure to result in an indictment and conviction.

  • Mark Poston

    day after day nobody ever does anything about it so why should he ever stop democrats grow some balls please before its to late

  • Kenny Lee Jian Siong

    And what are you doing anything about it? NOTHING. Trump still President and you can't do anything about it. Hahahahahahaahhhh

  • Sophia Mahmud MD

    WOW 😮

  • Skywalker67897

    It's a damn shame that these countries know our Constitution better than our own stupid asshole of a president! OMG just how bad does it have to get before someone gets this idiot out of our house! For those of the base that don't know that the White House is the people's house, therefore OUR house!

  • Denise Eugene

    These are patriots ? Who did they pledge their loyalty to ? Trump or America ? It appears Trump. They are all going to jail of Mueller testifies ..

  • Gregory Pollack

    It's all about Trump that's the problem with this president.
    He does not care about anyone else.
    The only thing he cares about is that he gets our money.

  • Miki Lynne

    We all thought Barr would be a hatchet man for Trumpnugget, but I'm afraid that is just the start of this evil agenda. Now, they gut Obamacare! What's next? Social Security? Term limits? REPUBLICANS! Your cash cow is a runaway train! Come to your senses before you help destroy America. You think I'm an alarmist? Being scared shitless about our democracy is very ALARMING!

  • Jcewazhere

    So if Trump gets imprisoned do you think republicans will still vote for him? 😛
    Seriously though if Trump can't run will Pence be in his place?

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Is the theory that foreign governments rent condos in exchange for favorable deals from the state department?

  • Gravertrain Graveytrain

    . T – H – E D – Y – N – A – M – I – C D – U – O . B E R N I E S A N D E R S A N D T U L S I G A B B A R D 2 0 2 0 . * BERNIE SANDERS 2020 "MADGA" "M-ake A-merican D-emocracy G-reat A-gain" *

  • Will Soto

    With what Trump has gotten away with thus far, this stuff kinda feels like chump change in the scheme of things. It won't hinder his current & future actions, rather, it'll just be another thing he did.
    Maybe someone else has said this already… probably.

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal

    The stupidest thing is that with the Republican party holding the Congress at the time, they likely would have approved it and made it appear above board anyway…man, I don't know of any other person so good at shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Theresa Carmen

    None of trumps stupid friends that he's put in various offices know nothing about law. Donnie doesn't know anything either. This is what is leading our country.

  • Andrew Garcia


  • Mark Shaw

    In point of fact this is the first president ever to violate emoluments clause Jimmy Carter had to sell his peanut farm when he became president

  • David Leger

    When Trump is running scared enough, he'll skip the country….
    Where would he run ? ….Israel… 😉

  • SkyGemini

    He's still using his unsecured iphone, ffs! The airhead botox dipshit, still uses public access email servers. The wax museum escapee is using WhatsApp. Those are 2 who were denied security clearances. I know damned well tRump himself wouldn't pass a security clearance. His Chinese pimp charges $200k to book a meeting with the orange menace at Mar-a-Largo! Hasn't everybody had enough of this bullshit already? Now he thinks because he says so, Mueller's report is history and he doesn't want anymore investigations on his dirty ass.

  • J. R. Secor


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