State Plan Amendments
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State Plan Amendments

Hello and welcome to the DD Council grantee
orientation. My name is Kay Treanor and I have been asked
to speak to you about State Plan Amendments. What is a state plan amendment? A state plan amendment is utilized when a
grantee needs to change the direction of a project or some aspect of the project. This process will be implemented through the
committee of origin or the committee that is monitoring the grant as direct by Council
staff involved with the project. Let me provide you with an example. Let’s say the state plan language requires
a project to work in the rural areas of the state, but after implementing the work plan
for the first two years, the grantee finds a need to include the urban areas of the state
as well. To do this, the grantee will need an increase
in the budget for the current fiscal year. A state plan amendment, and a vote of approval
by full Council is needed to go forward. So these are the steps that should be taken
to implement a state plan amendment. Number one, grantee discuss concern with Council
staff. Number two, Council staff informs executive
director of Council. Number three, Council staff will prepare a
state plan amendment to be discussed and approved by the committee of origin. Number four, if approved, the chair of the
committee of origin will take to full Council the final approval. Number five, once approved, keep a copy of
the state plan amendment in your files. Number six, this process is available throughout
the lifetime of the project. Number seven, your respective Council staff
can provide you with more insight as the need presents itself. Thank you for listening to this information
on state plan amendments and have a great day!

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