States Don’t Need Federal “Permission”
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States Don’t Need Federal “Permission”

States don’t need to wait for federal permission. I often hear people say that we should “let the States decide” on various issues. For example, on the right – education. And on the left – marijuana While they are right that these issues should be handled by States – in fact most should be – they’re getting one thing totally wrong Under the Constitution, any power not delegated to the federal government is simply none of their business. So states should not be waiting for anyone to “let” them decide. They should start asserting themselves and making decisions whether the federal government wants them to, or not.


  • Gary Wood

    The federal government showed an example of interposition in 1895, during the Anglo-Venezuela border dispute. States simply should interpose, insisting constitutional separation be returned to proper respect, beneficial to all parties as well as the people. Short, to the point, and stirring in thought…thank you all at the Tenth Amendment Center.

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