• sr2Xvet

    You can have free speech but criminal damaging is a crime.. idiots… we need to have armed guards watching our monuments. Have some respect for the dead. Who cares if there confederate soldiers this is history an we're 150yrs in the future. The only way to move on is to unite an move forward not go back 150yrs.

  • CharM Lasko

    I have family buried there, How disgusting to destroy anything in a cemetery. I would love to take off the head of the person or persons who did this. They failed to read the archway, AMERICANS!!!

  • Dee Thacker

    Un fucking believable …..the nerve of some of these people the god dam martin luther king days are over……..but looks 2 me some people want bring them days back. W.T.F…..if this what u all want then im happy with it …fuck it lets do it ….

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