Steve Bannon’s Mixed Feelings on Sen. Mitch McConnell
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Steve Bannon’s Mixed Feelings on Sen. Mitch McConnell

… [Sen. Mitch] McConnell (R-Ky.), the president,
president really lets him have it after the Obamacare thing fails in the Senate. … What’s up with McConnell from your point
of view? Is he the leader of the opposition party? Where is he then and now? Well, first off, he’s—look, there’s nobody
I’ve had bigger disagreements [with than] Mitch McConnell, because to me he’s the epitome
of the establishment. That being said, if you’re a conservative,
he essentially saved the country. He fought for all those years and kept 140
federal judges, I mean, and the Supreme Court. This was why the campaign was so important
when I stepped in there. The country’s on the line. Remember, the reason Merrick Garland is not
in the Supreme Court is because Hillary Clinton and these guys didn’t think he was progressive
enough; they were going to have their own pick. He was too moderate. He was kind of like Obama. He’s too moderate. They want to send more progressives. … If we had lost in ’16, you’re done for
a generation. They were going to fill those, the court system. And then they had the courts, the legislator,
legislative and the—that was the thing of reason I stepped in, because it looked like
Trump’s potential death spiral could take down the—you know, we could lose the House. You’d lose the Senate even more than you lost
it. And you clearly lose the executive. And you lose the courts for a generation. Mitch McConnell kept those 140 seats. Remember, the key of this is Don McGahn and
McConnell, the deconstruction of the administrative state. That is the mantra of the Federalist Society,
and that is the mantra of this thing about taking this fourth [sic] branch of government
that’s kind of metastasized to be all-encompassing. … That’s what [Brett] Kavanaugh, that’s
what [Neil] Gorsuch, that’s what these guys are great theoreticians about this. So that is a whole ‘nother line of work that’s
probably the one legacy, besides the confrontation of China, [Trump will] be known for: to completely
redo the courts, right? At both the appellate level and the district
level. And not just that. You may have four—I think he’ll have four
picks on the Supreme Court in his fourth [sic] term, so it’s monumental. And Mitch McConnell brought that on. And honestly, that is Mitch McConnell’s—he’s
spending more time focused on that than he is on this other stuff. So when you say Trump reads him the riot act,
I never saw that. I always saw a level of respect. Disagreement, but respect there, too. Mitch McConnell has, I’ve always thought,
looked at Trump as somebody that’s passing through town, right? He’s the majority leader. He’s a big institutionalist. And he is looking at this fundamental change
in the courts. And so, no, I haven’t seen him, you know,
radically support the president. I think he’ll do more because he’s up for
re-election in ’20, so he doesn’t want some Tea Party opposition or some populist, like
[Matt] Bevin did last time, to try to go after him. So no, but I haven’t seen any. But I haven’t seen—like on the emergency,
it’s outrageous to me that 12 Republican senators voted against the president on his core issue. Particularly when over half of those guys
are either in the Senate because of Trump, they pulled him across the finish line, like
[Roy] Blunt (R-Mo.). We’ve got to remember, at the end of the day,
we gave Mitch McConnell his job. [Richard] Burr in North Carolina, Blunt in
Missouri, [Pat] Toomey in Pennsylvania, a couple more were—[Ron] Johnson in Wisconsin,
there were four or five guys that were down that last week that all won. That was another big surprise, to come across
and to win that big win in the Senate. So that was all Trump, 100 percent Trump,
in this kind of populist movement. And McConnell, to me, has not been a big support. He’s been in support of what he wants to support,
right? Tax cuts he wants to support. The donor-driven tax cuts he wants to support,
right? If he wants to support, it gets done. On the wall, they’ve had no interest in the
wall. So the wall, they just will—they’ll just
look, you know, look the other way and now actually oppose the president, which he had
to veto. How much do you figure the list from the Federalist
Society and Heritage Society that was given to Trump in March helped him with conservatives,
brought him across the finish line in lots of ways? Huge. Remember, when I got in, as I said, we’re
going to focus on three things. One, we’re going to simplify this whole thing. Eighty-eight days ago you’re down by a bunch,
OK? We’ve got to simplify. Number one, we’re going to … stop mass illegal
immigration and limit legal immigration to get our sovereignty back and protect our workers. That’s one leg of the stool. The second, bring back manufacturing jobs
from China, OK? They’re going to get that in Ohio and Wisconsin
and Michigan. Number three, get out of these pointless foreign
wars. Those three. Oh, and we’re going to run Pence for governor
of five of these states up in the Midwest. We’re going to always, every day, hit the
evangelicals and Republican establishment with the judges, with the judges, with the
list. And we expanded it another 10 to make it 20. Remember, if you go back to the spring of
2016, within 30 days of each other, two lists come out. The national security list slapped together
by Corey Lewandowski, right, that has all the problems with [George] Papadopoulos, all
these other guys. This list, because the whole national security
apparatus is Never Trump. They’ve got this collection, odds and ends—it’s
like the bar in Star Wars, right? I call Corey, I go: “Dude, I know this space. I haven’t heard of half of these guys. Who are these?” He says: “Well, we had to get something out. We’re getting heat from the media for not
having it.” I said: “It’s better not to put anything out
than to put it out, and now you’ve reaffirmed to everybody that you don’t know anybody in
national security, OK? This is embarrassing.” …That list, and then 30 days later the Federalist
Society and Heritage come out with those 10 [potential Supreme Court nominees], which
is, hey, you may hate Trump, you may not trust him, but it’s got to be this 10. We expanded to another 10, right? That was a massive seller. … One of the ways to close that gap was
just hit every day, hit the list, the judges, the judges. The judges are going to bring the Republican
establishment back because they realize how fundamental this is and how—and that was—so
two lists within 30 days. One causes nothing but problems, right? The other is a solution. And I don’t think he’d be president without
that list. Whoever thought of the idea of it—I think
it was McGahn and Leonard Leo—absolutely brilliant. And then we expanded. And McConnell. And McConnell. Absolutely. Look, McConnell on the judges is golden. He will go down in history, in conservative
history, of literally changing the court system. This is why we lost the ’18 election. Remember, the Republican establishment hasn’t
accepted Trump as the transformative president and historical figure. It’s the progressive—it’s the Netroots Nation;
it’s the Time’s Up movement; it’s Tom Steyer; it’s The Resistance. They’re the ones out in Iowa, in Iowa 1, knocking
on doors in 90 percent humidity and heat in June and July. Why? They understand that Donald Trump is going
to be in their lives 10, 20 and 30 years from now. It’s a Kafkaesque nightmare. This guy’s never going away. And the one way I’ve got to do it, I got
to take the House of Representatives because we’re going to use that apparatus to weaponize
[Robert] Mueller and everything else, and we’re going to have this head on a pike. That is where American politics is. And God bless them, they did it. You know how they did it? They did it like the Tea Party. They mobilized their forces. They knocked—I kept telling them, we’d have
conference calls right here in July, and I’m saying, “Hey, you know, today in Iowa 1,
they’ve had 500 people knocking on doors, doing voter registration, handing out literature,
and trust me, in the last 60 days, they’re going to be getting all those folks to vote. And we’re going to lose. That’s a House Freedom Caucus. I think it was [Rod] Blum’s district. Blown out, right? You could see these people working in the
spring, in the early summer of ’18 on exactly the things that the Tea Party had done—mobilization,
getting people out. The reason is? The courts and the deconstruction of the administrative
state. The progressive left understood that under
the hood what was going on, besides all the signal and the noise, they got the signal,
and it couldn’t have been stronger. And they said, we’ve got to stop. You know, the noise is just Trump and the
Twitter and all this other madness. McConnell, as much as I detest him, delivered
that. And that’s, I think, what he’ll be known for,
this kind of Herculean effort not to roll over on Obama, to keep those 140 seats. And then, it’s one of the reasons we don’t
have any ambassadors. Remember, only half the ambassadors we’ve
put up have been—we went through the first two years. They’ve all got to be re-nominated. And the reason is, is all the time’s been
spent on the judges because they realize the judges are permanent, and that’s where the
focus has been. And I think he’s done a magnificent job. And this is where real fundamental—Trump
will be known, I think, in hindsight, on China and the courts.


  • How So

    US will collapse as no real man anymore, look at a street smart guy like Bannon is the policy-maker. How could a country could sustain for long term without insight?

  • LuvleeWa

    Justice Scalise was "Put Down" so they could install Neil Gorsich. The one good thing McConnell did (and it was BIG") was hold up that seat until Trump got in. Because of that I try to overlook all the other dirty crap McConnell does .

  • Darling Dear

    Bannon is an arsonist. He does not have any great knowledge, wisdom, plan, vision, stop giving him the voice

  • Nun Ya

    Mitch McConnel is piece of shit. So is Steve Bannon for that matter. Bannon caused so much chaos in the Whitehouse for the President it's embarrassing. Why anyone takes his opinions seriously is beyond me.

  • regina connors

    What the f**k happened to William Barr? He looks TERRIBLE in this clip! This is what selling your soul looks like in real time!

  • Robert Smith

    Hey Bannon, The Trump Cult Coup is OVER !!!
    No Bannon, the GOP is trying to create a Permanent American Oligarchy System using the Military-Industrial Complex, concentrating Most of the Wealth into Only a few hands……the GOP is Legalizing Slavery, too . . . . .

  • Levine Levine

    Bannon is a right-wing extremist. Take away his misguided conservative label, he is a populous White demagogue.

  • Política e Futebol se discute

    Love this man!! I am an immigrant myself from South America. This man’s patriotism is contagious. Love him

  • Levine Levine

    In his folksy attire and common working-man appearance the shrew Bannon is blaming China and the US Courts for the demise of USA. How convenient. One appeals to American xenophobia, while the other appeals to American dislike of judicial intervention in their lives. The Chinese are 10,000 miles away, essentially voiceless. The courts are a passive institution, restricted by US Constitution and judicial custom not to dwell into politics. Bannon can safety unload his shot gun at will. At another historic time, a German leader blamed the French and British for Germany’s lethargic economy. He also didn’t like the judicial which restricted his power. But after the mysterious fire consumed the Bundestag building, he was able to declare an emergency and thereby appointed his hand-chosen judges into key positions. Bannon wants nationalists, conservative right-wingers, and extremists in power. Bannon yearn for the good-ole-day’s when America was the undisputed #1 in the world. Essentially, he wants USA “uber alles in der Welt. “ Every generation produces its quota of freaks, from which one takes center stage.

  • fireball39279

    Ban's fuck face is decomposing and this MF drinks too much of alcohol. Ban, go get a case of beer. You'll be fine AHOLE!!!

  • vincent fong

    American politics is easy to manipulate. All politicians can be bought by super PAC and trump stepped on too many feet . Trump will be taken out due to so Much Democrat attack and there will be a Democrat president in 2020. Many treacherous and corrupt Republican politicians will go against Trump due to many corporate lobbying. Trump is doomed.

  • ?:?

    This is very dangerous. Trump knows Supreme Court Justices serve their seats for life, so what does he and his team do? They frantically put as many supreme court justices in that will protect Trump and favor TRump no matter what. So Trump will try to oust any supreme court justice that defies him. He will be a dictator and serve longer term than Putin. Nobody will defy Trumps orders now. We officially have a strong man dictator in the White House and Bannon is happy about that? Bannon must not care about the US Constitution? Bannon must not want a balance of powers.

  • The Boxing Fan

    That is why Republicans used help from Russia to win. They believed the only way to win was to have outside help. They did it knowing it was wrong. They literally ended Bipartisanship. That mindset that they had to save the country is why they still follow Trump. Now you are going to see the same extreme reaction from Democrats when they take power. This is now a game of completely Eliminating the other party. One party Rule is coming to the U.S.

  • gloverelaxis

    why the FUCK are you interviewing a white supremacist on your platform? absolutely fucking despicable capitalist media at it again

  • ShekelStein ShekelBurg

    What happened to the boat owned by Mitch McConnell that was seized with kilos of blow??? Anyone care to address this?!?!

  • J. Milton Jeffreys

    Bannon booted out of DC b/c he didn't want to play ball with the Military Industrial Complex. everyone against gets the boot

  • wsl 0216

    Trying to "break down the European Union", Bannon became a "street mouse" shouted by politicians from many countries in Europe. The Global Times 05: 23 at 06:26, former Trump chief strategic adviser Bannon, once known as the "master of the White House," became a "street mouse" in Europe called "street mouse" by multinational politicians. French President Macron 21 angrily denounced "some European populists and some foreign interest groups colluded, their goal is to dismantle the European Union." European Parliament elections began voting on the 23rd, Bannon has been "sitting in Paris" for some time, supporting Le Pen and other European countries led by the far right political parties, open intervention in the European Parliament elections, infuriated Macron and most of the European Union countries. Bannon's attempt to "dismantle the European Union" is not just his personal mind, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed a similar intention. Macron stressed on the 21st that Bannon was "close to the power structure of the United States." Clearly, Europe understands that the United States prefers a scattered entourage to a strong and sometimes dissenting European Union in order to maintain its supremacy. Bannon's actions angered French and European politicians. French Prime Minister Philip warned on the 20th that Bannon's move is a public intervention in the European Parliament elections, "as a Trump agent in a vain attempt to weaken and split the unity among European countries, greatly harming the interests of Europe." French Government Secretary of State Ciapa said Bannon publicly helped Le Pen in France, his goal is to "destroy the European Union," this is a great problem. " European Parliament member and former Belgian Prime Minister Voesta said that international far-right forces are forming a coalition in an attempt to destroy the European Union, and that "stupid political idiots" such as Le Pen are becoming Trojan horses exploited by these forces. He called on people all over the world to vote for pro-European parties and "not to turn our continent into a playground for Trump or Putin puppets." However, with regard to the former "White House Master" who openly intervened in the European Parliament elections, European politicians can only shoot "mouth guns" and do not dare to resort to expulsions or sanctions as they did against Russia. Bannon has been promoting far-right populism around the world, particularly in Europe, in an attempt to split the European Union since he was sacked as chief strategic adviser to the White House by Mr Trump last year. CNBC in the United States says Bannon is an unpopular person in Europe. In 2017, he and his aide Cassam formed a political group called the Movement, which aims to "paralyze the European Union." Cassam was an aide to Farage, the former head of Britain's Brexit Independence Party. He headquartered the Movement in Brussels. Bannon once said that he formed the "movement" to unite with the far right political parties in Europe to set up a populist "superorganization" that would win more than 1 to 3 seats in the 751 seats in the European Parliament. This has led to structural changes in the political landscape in Europe. Bannon and Trump share views on the European Union in many ways. Trump has "bluntly said" that the European Union will be dissolved. Malloch, the candidate nominated by Trump as US ambassador to the European Union, revealed in an interview that Trump does not like the concept of the European Union, a regional integration organization, and believes that the European Union is just a bureaucracy. Is not an appropriate form of democracy. Malloch also said that the euro will not last 18 months will collapse, and Trump wants to be able to interact with different European countries bilateral, which is more in the interests of the United States. These remarks were lashed out by Europe at the time. Mr Bannon's experience of teaching "how to make a populist president" in Europe was met by far-right parties in Europe at first. According to the French website 20 minutes, Bannon was revered as a guest when Le Pen held a "reform conference" in Lille in March 2018. When Bannon visited on the eve of the European parliamentary elections, Le Pen said he "did not know he was in Paris". However, French television channel 2 filmed a secret meeting between two senior members of the "National League" and Bannon. In response, European political scholar Jackson said that this is because Bannon's words and deeds have an obvious color of "American priority," which puts Europe's far right parties in an awkward position because these populist parties emphasize their own "independence." Neither do you want to be fettered by Brussels, nor, of course, do you want supporters to feel like they are being dictated by the United States.

  • kathleen smith

    Mitch McConnell existed to "PRETEND" that USA is country that had and opposition to socialism (I know this because Republicans and Democrates are owned by the same Globalist Oligarchy)— Meanwhile every fucking university and media outlet just lambasted the people and indoctrinated their children in socialism (which is communism) — which underminds all of the PRINCIPLES which the USA was founded on — which is individual rights to LIFE< LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. I was one of these children that was indoctrinated and saw the LIES> WE all need to wake up to what is really happening in this country.

  • Rockin BoBokkin

    This Fascist pig admits openly that voter suppression is a key strategy. In other words, not representing the people, but representing the white evangelical movement. It's sickening.

  • Barry Calvert

    Bannon pretty much tells you here how conservative and how far the Neocons are willing to go. They will do anything to WIN… Judges, cheat, gerrymandering and finish each statement with GOD BLESS YOU…
    It is sad they want to tell everyone what you SHOULD WANT AND NEED.

  • top one

    Two drunks make trouble in the White House … Frustrated politicians. Drunken Bannon is drunk in the big sauce vat of international fool Wengui. Drunken Guo sells royal distiller's grains himself. Bannong is intoxicated with Guowengui brand ant wine. He brags to Trump every day. Drunken moves continue … Girl's life!

  • tonymlealv

    This is laughable…
    Captain Steve bannon.
    He helped he helped a little bit..
    He suffers from narcissism it's obvious he wants to be important and he's just not

  • Allan Crow

    Bannon's biggest fear is the mobilization of the progressive left. Trump's faux populism isn't going fly a second time around. Fool me once.

  • Donnie Greathouse

    If we would learn to listen and stop fighting for our political team. Steve Bannon is very smart and understanding is awesome. The reason for Accusations is because just because a person does not understand the subject politics and social media has driven us to accusations we may not understand everything he says but everything he says he definitely understands we need more people with intellectual attributes and less politicians.

  • suyash sultaniya

    if their judges had term limits most of their political shit will pull itself together… why are Americans so backward administration wise

  • michael battista

    deconstruction of government, and anarchy awaits, Bannon a waste of life, a real pig. Stay in Europe.

  • Murray Flewelling

    " we pulled them across the line" ….you remember , it was before we nearly drowned in that blue wave…….!

  • Jay Dawg

    Magnificent job ? … More like DIVISIVE scum baggery .. Republicans have no intention of bringing the country together and never will

  • John R

    Interesting.  Someone that many others have mixed feelings about has mixed feelings himself!  Who'da thunk it?

  • Carlton King

    McConnel is a swamp rat bought and paid for by the chamber of commerce . A traitor who would make Paul Ryan proud .

  • The Home Plate Special

    Bannon makes no sense when he claims Judge Merrick Garland was too moderate for HRC and he wasnt going to be a Supreme Court Judge. She didnt stop his nomination. Obama nominated Garland and Mitch illegitimately refused for over a year to hold the hearing. Unprecedented. And Trump didnt nominate him. He wasnt right wing enough for Trump and didnt match up with doing any party favors for the swamp. His speculation is unsubstantiated.

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