Sthala padma || Confederate rose || Care (With English Subtitle)
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Sthala padma || Confederate rose || Care (With English Subtitle)

Hello! this is confederate rose plant now I will make plants cutting its branch here in this pot which soil I am using this is 50% soil and 50% sand. I didn’t use any fertilizer here with it, if you use little bit cocopeat or wooden husk then it will be much better here in this pot which other plants you can see these are marigold plants I have also planted these cutting from the older plants. now the plants have started growing now we have to shift these marigold plant to other pots now this is October month now see I am cutting this confederate rose plant branch to 6 inch long pieces and plant it 1.5 to 2 inches deep in this pot from now we have to keep eye on the soil so that it doesn’t get dry and also we don’t have to give excess water and as long as the growth of the plant doesn’t get started almost 40 to 50 days we have to keep these plants in shade 40 days after planting the cutting pieces now you can see the growth of the plants have been started so I am planting these in different pots from now you can use bonsai soil on the roots, here I am using 10% cow dunk and 25% wooden husk mixing with normal soil almost 6 months later you can see because of the pot are too small the growth of the plants is not proper so I sifted it in this 12-inch size pot. and from now on to up to 10 days we have to use cow dunk liquid organic fertilizer the result of using this the soil is that the soil will remain cooler and the growth of the plants will also be good one year later. it’s October now. I have planted this cutting one-year earlier in this October month now it’s 8 o’clock, so the color of the flower is white but as the time pass it changes color, in the afternoon the color of the plants will be pink now it’s 12 o’clock, now you can see gradually the color of the flowers is changing to pink.


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