• Jerry W. Ellis II

    look around folks: American workers across the country are acting on their personal beliefs by refusing service to customers with opposing political views. and Peter Strzok wants us to believe that his professional behavior is not impacted by his personal beliefs? he's not fooling anyone. put him in jail.

  • Rusty Hill

    This whole collusion investigation this is way off track. The problem is 100% as the president has said many times: The corruption and collusion starts and ends with democrats and Hilary Clinton. The FBI & DOJ with the media help is covering all of this up and it is time to clean house. Send a SWAT Team to the DOJ and have everything about Sessions, Muller and Rosenstein and all their cohorts confiscated and processed for prosecution and all their assets frozen and then fire them all.

  • Jack Vai

    Peter- 'I don't recall' – Strzok's memory for details seems fine…when he's on one of his clock-killing, self-exculpating, extended-response dissertations…lol…strange, huh?

  • Robert Garcia

    A lot of outrage about the evasion at the hearing. End result? The FBI is still corrupt. Trump should send in the Marines
    and escort EVERYONE out of the FBI with NOTHING but the clothes on their backs. Um, do body cavity search,
    whatever it takes. Scan them. Put the FBI on lock down. Nothing goes in – nothing goes out. Furlough everyone,
    even field offices until ALL is sorted out. Nothing goes in – nothing goes out. A new FBI Director needed. Serious shit.

  • Sharon Watson

    The American people that care will take the time to watch the hearings and see first hand what these crooks are trying to cover up.

  • Zzyzx Zee

    Defund the fbi start over, all people hired during obama adman need to be let go. Same with justice. Start by sacking sessions

  • Kwan Lek

    Not really good FBI agents. If they were so good, they won’t be making rookie mistakes like texting on government issued Equipment. Haha what a joke!

  • Holly Word

    We, the people Must abolish DemoncRatic party totally. We have a corrupted political party trying to take down our duly elected President.

  • Frank Graham

    It makes me laugh when people think the FBI is ethical when it was created by J. Edgar Hoover..who was NOT a nice man.

  • Judy Roman

    Hopefully Lisa Page flips on her ex-lover PeeWee Herman Strzok & blows this whole corruption wide open including the DOJ, but I never see it happening b/c she’ll go to jail to which I knew she won’t do

  • Mary Milburn

    no. they are certainly not in violation of the constitution. ask a good attorney. they are also not libs. they are trump appointed republicans. fake news

  • amused 777

    That is called treason, does not matter though, both parties read they're scripts from the same master to cause division and hatred between the masses.

  • Bud Kelly

    Go ahead, try to scare Strzok with Congressional threats, he's not nearly as afraid of Congress as he is of the Clintons. You can put him in jail, put him in front of a firing squad, he's not spillin' the beans.

  • Joseph DuPont

    Dear Editor,
    I just wondered how many Peter Strzok's there are in the US Secret Service? The recen rogue Paraglider that our Secret Service allowed fly next to President Trump while in Scotland makes me wonder. How lucky we were that the pilot was not a member of ISIS willing to die. I'm glad Mr. Strzok was not flying that plane. I wonder if having hatrid for the current president would still be deemed acceptabl in the Secret Service. I'd like to know.. Don't you? The media dosen't seem to care. Maybe that is why the Secret Service was sloppy in protecting President Kennedy's life in Dallas, Texas.

  • Yourname Here

    Newt Gingrich IS the Deep State and he's trying to rebrand himself. How short is your memory?
    This is Clinton and Bush's buddy.
    Now he's pretending that he's an outsider.

  • Yourname Here

    Donald Trump is today's "George Zimmerman".
    The media has set it's sights on him and they want to kill him with a narrative that they've been tasked to sell the public.
    Like good little dogs.

  • Vlasta Molak

    President Trump did a great job today, as did President Putin…both love their countries… Putin is an old KGB guy who was stationed in Dresdent from 1985-1991 when he denounced Communism as unworkable system…and was helped by old Yeltzin to come into power… Yeltsin participated in desintegration of Soviet Union into 16 independent countries, including Russia and Ukraine…

    This was a great meeting of two intelligent men (Putin has a PhD in economics) who love their own countreis and want peace rather then war mongering as DNC and their deep state and Muslim Brotherhood supporers want…MAGA and MASA!

    Russia should join NATO as both US, EU and Russia (and India, China and Israel) have the common enemy: jihadis who are invading EU, Australia and America under the guise of "human rights of poor displaced Muslims from Syria)…It is the IDEOLOGY of Islamwritten in Koran, Hadith and Sira-life of Mohamed (www.cspipublishing.com/pdfs/ATwoHourKoran.pdf), which it the root cause of terrorism, rapes and misogyny around the world, as Islam ITSELF is NOT compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…and does not belong to any society which respedts liberty, justice and human rifhts of ALL indeividuals.

    Democrats are delusional and rs they and their deep state and Muslim Brotherhood supoorters need a group therapy for their mental condition to get tham back to earth. Alternatively, send in Marines to round up all these traitors, starting with Obama, Clintons, Kerry, Brennan, Keith Ellsion and their deep state and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. GITMO may not be large enough to house all these destroyers of USA.

  • Gypse Guera

    I am very fucking much beginning to wonder if Trump has joined the swamp. Why should we give him a pass? This is his administration. Let's get real. He won't even Order the DOJ,FBI and State Dept to Release the unredacted records to Congress. Why in the fuck does Sessions,Rosenstien and Wray still have jobs. Even Strozk still works at the FBI. Nunes and the rest are practically sending subliminal messages to Trump to help them on TV interviews. It's a fucking mess because Trump cares more about what the Liberal Media thinks than he cares about holding his administration accountable. Fuck appearances. Do what our Consituition and Laws demand. I am about a week away from saying Fuck Trump,if this circus and open disrespect for our Congress and Laws continue. Gohmert has the FBI secretly violating his privacy monitoring his phone calls and emails,watching who comes goes from his office. Why hasnt Trump lifted a finger to protect any of them. I rather have Equal Justice for all instead of some fucking good economy numbers. I'm really holding out hoping and praying Trump will man up, but if he doesn't I will say fuck him just like I did the Nasty Ass Corrupt Democratic Party.

  • Catherine Mudasia

    How is it that when strzok is asked questions he does not answer and hides behind the fbi investigation excuse yet he was so okay with giving information about ongoing investigations to lisa page.

  • Catherine Mudasia

    Strzok refuses to answer questions and is constantly looking for talking points..however, the noose is tightening around his neck..

  • Sky Sinclair

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do these obstructionist, left wing, law breakers, get by with sitting in an investigation with Trey Gowdy, Goodlatte and others who are trying to get to the truth and get these arrogant law breakers to own up to their bias and treasonous acts? Why do they get by with sitting hour after hour, lying their butts off when everyone KNOWS they're lying and making fools out of the special prosecutors? WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH THIS CRAP? If it was anyone of us in the hot seat we would be thrown into prison so fast it would give us whiplash! WHY in God's name is this being allowed to go on and on and on with out holding these law breaking creeps in contempt and throw their sorry butts in jail and make examples of them??? STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS NOW!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE SICK TO DEATH OF IT!!!
    Sky Sinclair

  • Russ Kessler

    Start federal corruption and treason charges now with clinton-Obama’s-some at top of fbi-doj seeing them in prison plus abstraction by any dems also be charges and jailed will stop this from going on

  • Russ Kessler

    Many already belong in prison now! As they all think justice is not for them just like HILLERY and Obama’s do

  • Russ Kessler

    We know the crimes-charges and The Who needs in prison now let’s get it done! No more stalling this swamp ! HILLERY needs charged with murder many times over like Seth rich-jfk,jr and Vince foster ! Just for starters

  • Mark Steele

    Who at the FBI directed Strozk not to answer – the attorneys or someone at the FBI?
    Why did they instruct him not to answer?Why weren't these questions asked?

  • Rani Rich

    #WhereAreTheServers ? Servers are evidence hidden and must be produced! #WhereAreTheServers ? Corrupt Actors are hiding Evidence … #WhereAreTheServers?! DNC hiding Evidence of crimes #WhereAreTheServers?

  • gary vonneida

    The very history of the F.B.I. is a disgrace that none dare call a conspiracy. The DIRECTOR, J. Edgar Hover was a cross dresser that refused to admit that the Mafia existed; why? Was He COMPROMISED? Why was the F.B.I. formed? Why was the F.B.I. involved in the "cover up" of the slaughter of J.F.K.? Why were They involved with the teams of assassins? Why is the release of the information Our Government has about November 22nd still "covered up??????? There is real evil a'foot in washington D.C. and the guilty are afraid of being exposed by a President that is not a PUPPET?

  • gary vonneida

    A Constitutional Crisis is on the horizon as I see it. At least 70 Representatives in Washington's District of Columbia require : arrest, trial, upon conviction sentencing which in many cases will require hanging by the neck until dead.

  • Cindy Merkley

    Watching this farce totally makes me convinced of the deep state any one of us would be in jail by now. They are all still getting paid. That money should have been to support them in jail

  • Marshall Lawhorn

    im 67 years old ,,,an after this past few years the way our laws have been broken an nothing happening to them ill never vote dem again ,dem need to let laws hold the guilty people accountable an jail them ,this is the most bullshit ive seen in my 67 years

  • Michael LeSage

    The Democrats should put Brennan on the 2020 ticket as CZAR and Diane Feinstein as the Deputy Czarina. Can't miss.

  • Michael LeSage

    PBS Newshour Judy Waterbag got her wrinkled jowls in a knot when Rand Paul didn't agree with her partisan ant-Trump views. Even the tired old parade of partisan lapdogs didn't seem to have an effect.

  • keep em honest stephen

    thats contempt of court, or obstruction of justice all day, and there he is walking free, arrest him on the spot

  • Carolyn Sanchez

    They are showing there evil faces,They only want to be in control of everything and our life.They are truly the Deep State.

  • Jenełle Collis

    If Strzok is not held accountable and charged, what is the purpose of this congressional investigation? It is just extra costs for the American people, and has no purpose. Might as well shut up shop and let this criminal behaviour continue. Have some 'intestinal fortitude' and do something about it. Show the American people that you can hold Strzok in contempt for his actions!!!!!😏

  • Theresa Maloney

    We citizens watch this testimony as the Democrats are in the swamp and needs to be eliminated along with the demons that did everything they could to disrupt the process. That stupid man that wanted to give the witness a Purple Heart needs to be sent to Pakistan and go out on some missions with the soldiers. Then let him try to see if he can even think, much less come up with something so outrageous and disrespectful of our heroes. They deserve so much more from what we mistakenly call leaders.

  • bob robertson

    Strzok is as arrogant as one could be,, he is laughing in our face saying ha ha ha ha ha you can't get me na na na na na.

  • Larry Guess

    What pisses me and a lot of Americans off and is so frustrating is congress unwillingness to do anything besides talk and complain. Where are the contempt charges? Where are the impeachments? Rosenstein and Sessions need to go–Rosenstein needs to be charged with obstruction of justice, Sessions with dereliction of duty. And if that doesn't 'inspire' Wray, he needs to be next.
    Strzok needs to be charged with abuse of power but unless you go after those in charge, nothing will be resolved.
    This is only happening because congress is allowing it to happen. I urge everyone to contact their congressmen and senators and demand they do something besides complain and threaten. Remind them they are OUR representatives. They are supposed to be OUR voice.

  • Kenneth Oliver

    The dems know that if Strzok talks, their party will be even more in the gutter. Slap all of them with an obstruction of justice charge, then you will hear some opera.

  • Benny Alminde

    Hab 1:3  Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention. 
    Hab 1:4  Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth. 

  • Stephanie Lynn

    Has anyone else noticed how haggard people like Hannity, Jordan, Tucker and Ann Coulton are starting to look?

    Is it just me or could it be possible that these people are being attacked with directed energy weapons that are (clearly) beginning to take a huge toll on them. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this? When I look at videos of these people from just ONE year ago, the difference in their appearance is staggering!

    Something's afoot at the Circle-K! Peace:)

  • Danish Miller

    and yet thry are all getting dome form of immunity so how biased mueller and how deeply onvolved to grant all these
    who hasn't gotten immunity

  • Fell Betke

    Question?? Did Robert Mueller fire
    Peter Strzok because of his bias or was there not enough bias…. See text message …. there's no there there… Robert looking to hang Trump maybe … Peter wasn't strong enough in his conviction to get the job done??

  • ArrowJ Smith

    Peter Strzok was fired and rightly so. Prison for him and Page who he was screwing while being married. Both cheated on their spouses and the have people believe they are truthful. Both are scum and will die as traitors of America. History will provide that.

  • zen man

    FBI helped Trump no doubt about it if it wasn't for the way they handled the investigation at the end Hillary would have won

  • intown girl

    So trump won…this guy should have been fired and saved us all a lot of money. I don't know why you say the fbi is against trump. Comey testified in Oct prior to the Nov presidential election that there were Clinton emails on Anthony Weiners laptop…that didn't help trump win the election?

  • Anne Pagels

    How soon is the Supreme Court going to get involved? I can't wait to see Strzok, Page, the Clintons, Obama, Comey, and The Fake News, Etc. behind bars. I hope it is televised!

  • meta psychological

    The reason this was so brazen at the FBI and DOJ who thought Hilary will win and then they won't get into trouble – they will get raises instead for helping her ruin the FBI credibility. It is in no way only the top [eople, just look at the former FBI Agent confirming this by saying it was just normal…no big deal. The world is watching and laughing at you, but not because of Trump! Putin could never do what they are doing to themselves. Pathetic.

  • Herculydia

    Well it has happened. The public has become aware of the liberal democrat crime syndicate and Dems not even denying it, but doing its best to hold its breath hoping it will all go away. There has to be prosecution or civil unrest will ensue over these blatant crimes.

  • James Stanley

    shut downj the whole fbi now curt all funding stop the deep state be cutting off the funding to the military cut the head off of the so called deep state

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