• Elvia Yribe

    Ryan find another way to get attention your five minutes of fame are over with. Bad choice dude bad choice.
    Dude get with the times I mean that so old so tired should have been burned a long time ago get with the program dude. Stop listening to Grandpa's days of Glory over with., the only flag that has value in America . Is the one that all Americans share. Don't believe the lies Grandpa told you. Confederate flag was hateful. You or your grandpa do not have a right to ensue riots what does that tell you about your flag. Oh yeah it's not popular anymore dude get a grip. You live in modern times when it comes to everything else. Can live in the past and the future you got to choose one dude.

  • Stanley Rickett

    Stupid uneducated motherfukers we have the right to fly what ever we want . Now if that was an Islamic terrorist flag or off the subject a black pride flag black panther flag or any other cultural belief I bet you my bottom dollar nobody would have said s***

  • Fail Zero

    1st Amendment. Sue the school. I'm not even white. But he has a right. School property is public. Public is protected by the Constitution. So Mexicans can bring their flags?

  • Mr. Stitch

    Rebel flag, rebel Flag, not confederate flag, “Rebel Flag” big difference the The original confederate flag look a lot more like a unions American flag the reason they changed it because if you’re confused and battle and you didn’t know you were killing then went to a white supremacist looking flag with the cross that we see now the rebel flag and then a giant white background was considered white supremacist white supremacy but it looks like a surrendering flag like a white flag so they changed it again to the same flag is that they put a giant red strap on the right but it was still somewhat confusing so General Lee adopted the idea of the confederate flag which is the rebel flag do we know now it’s a symbol of Christianity freedom of all we know races color it’s not racist at all

  • Shadow4 Cat

    Ban people all you want. Call us 'racist' all you want. But people who do that are the people that censor free speech. Who support the fact that Lincoln didnt have the right to declare a war. And are ppl who are looking for ppl to pin the blame on.

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