Success of K-pop, ‘Parasite’ is no coincidence: CISAC Director General
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Success of K-pop, ‘Parasite’ is no coincidence: CISAC Director General

shiftingfocus the International
Confederation of societies of authors and composers represents four million
musicians lyricists film directors screenwriters visual artists and other
creators in 121 countries and our kang-hyun who sat down with the
confederations director-general to discuss copyright protection in the
digital world and the global success of kpop and the
movie parasite hello mr. Warren thanks for doing this interview with us today
thanks for having me now according to a report by SESAC global royalty
collections for music Hiep record nine point four billion u.s. dollars in 2018
what does that mean for the music industry yes so what it means is that
the industry is growing this is a very positive trend we see a continuous trend
of development in the market I think that a big part of it is the success of
the digital market and of course in Korea here you had the great success in
this area in the transformation into the digital world so generally speaking the
creative industries are expanding the authors the creators of music TV film
and other works of art are receiving more royalties so the growth in the
digital sector and in streaming revenues has helped creators worldwide but at the
same time the issue of copyright infringement has become a bigger problem
how do we cope with that one of the main challenges is how to protect works in
digital form and how do you monetize them how do you make sure that the
creators the musicians the lyricist sort of the other talented people who create
works that they get paid and they can continue to make a living from their
works and the main issue that the industry is working on is to make sure
that everyone gets a license everyone pays fairly whether the content was
uploaded by the users themselves such as in the case of YouTube or other
user-generated platforms kpop has grown into a worldwide genre itself what do
you make of it in fact I see two issues that are
strongly linked there the first one is the expansion of the creative industries
here the growing popularity of kpop but it’s not just kpop and we can go a Korea
won the first Oscar for the best film the first time that a fallen film wins
this award born jang-ho brought you a lot of a success in the Oscars I think
that all of these things are not a coincidence because we know the
government had the very strong policies to encourage investment and to protect
the development of this sector you see this sector growing you see the digital
market developing everyone benefits the digital services the creators themselves
the collective management organizations are doing a good job and all of that I
think is behind the success story of kpop and the growing popularity of this
genre outside create surf all right mr. Ahn I think that about wraps it up once
again thanks for doing this interview with us today thanks for having me


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