T-Mobile | Wireless Customer Bill of Rights

[MUSIC PLAYING] My fellow wireless customers,
three years ago, we, the people, brought forth a wireless
consumer revolution. But there’s a hell of
a lot more that’s got to change to guarantee the basic common
sense consumer rights we all deserve. We deserve a Wireless Bill of Rights! [CHEERING] Like no service contracts,
no overage penalties, we deserve to use our data
without the fear of bill shock. [CHEERING] [BLEEP] is that all about? How about we get to keep
what we’ve paid for? Don’t yank that data out of
my hands before I can use it. It’s how you get slapped. Come on. Let’s cut the bull– [BLEEP] This isn’t complicated. This isn’t rocket
science, whatever that is. These are obvious. We deserve the right to stream
our music and video without fear. [CHEERING] These are basic wireless rights. It shouldn’t be so [BLEEP] hard, people. Together, we can make it happen. [CHEERING] Together, we can make it right! [CHEERING]

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