• Black Politics — State vs. Nation Centered Power, Part 2: Strategy Implications on Black Politics
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    Black Politics — State vs. Nation Centered Power, Part 2: Strategy Implications on Black Politics

    National-Centered Power gives greater authority and responsibility to the federal government. Generally speaking, nation centered powers are limited to those specified in the Constitution. As it relates to black politics, the so-called “Reconstruction Amendments” that were introduced into the Constitution after the Civil War are probably the most significant. These are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the constitution. The thirteenth amendment stated in part that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in the United States…” but significantly, it goes on to say “… except as punishment for a crime.” Thus, the formal institution of slavery was effectively abolished, but many states found ways of maintaining control over…

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    Current Conversations: Constitutional Issues and History, Rick Tepker, Episode #118

    Funding for Current Conversations is provided by University of Oklahoma President’s Office, University of Oklahoma OUtreach and, World Literature Today. Welcome to Current Conversations, I’m RC Davis Undiano. Today we’re going to be talking about the US Constitution; what it has meant to American society and culture, and what it still means to the American way of life today. Our guest for today’s show is Professor Rick Tepker who is Floyd and Irma Calvert Professor in Law and Liberty Professor of law at the University of Oklahoma. He was the first OU faculty to argue and win a case in front of the US Supreme Court. I hope you’ll join…

  • Amendments 11-27
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    Amendments 11-27

    Today we will learn about amendments 11 through 27. Amendments are changes to the Constitution, so, they come at the very end after the preamble and the articles. We have 27 amendments total but, today we will learn about numbers 11 through 27. Let’s jump right in with the 11th amendment The 11th amendment deals with lawsuits against states, when a citizen of one state or a foreign country wishes to sue a state, it may not do so in federal court, it must do so in the state’s court, this protects the power of the states. Next up is the 12th amendment. The 12th amendment outlines the procedure for…

  • Slavery & the Constitution: the 13th Amendment
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    Slavery & the Constitution: the 13th Amendment

    (Music) Today I want to talk about the 13th Amendment, slavery and the Constitution before the Civil War. And one of the most interesting things about the 13th Amendment, which I’m sure we all know has, says that slavery is now unconstitutional. That was not the original 13th Amendment. The original 13th Amendment said something very different. This original 13th Amendment known as the Corwin Amendment named after it’s floor sponsor Thomas Corwin from Ohio, was an attempt in 1861 to stop southern succession. The original 13th Amendment in fact proposed that no Amendment and no legislation could be passed regulating slavery in the States in which it existed. So…