• Kurt Lash “A Troubled Birth of Freedom”
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    Kurt Lash “A Troubled Birth of Freedom”

    and my thanks to Lee Strang to Dean Barros the University of Toledo College of Law and the Federal Society for inviting me in giving me the honor of delivering this year’s Stranahan lecture and I’m especially pleased to be here to talk about the 14th amendment an amendment as I was I was talking with Lee and the Dean just prior to beginning my remarks and I was remembering what an extraordinary role that Ohio has played in the establishment and creation of the 14th amendment including a very important gentleman mind by the name of John Bingham who drafted section 1 of the 14th amendment he’s going to…

  • Black Politics — State vs. Nation Centered Power, Part 2: Strategy Implications on Black Politics
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    Black Politics — State vs. Nation Centered Power, Part 2: Strategy Implications on Black Politics

    National-Centered Power gives greater authority and responsibility to the federal government. Generally speaking, nation centered powers are limited to those specified in the Constitution. As it relates to black politics, the so-called “Reconstruction Amendments” that were introduced into the Constitution after the Civil War are probably the most significant. These are the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments to the constitution. The thirteenth amendment stated in part that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist in the United States…” but significantly, it goes on to say “… except as punishment for a crime.” Thus, the formal institution of slavery was effectively abolished, but many states found ways of maintaining control over…

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    Laura F. Edwards: “The Reconstruction of Rights after the Civil War”

    [ Church Bells ]>>Well good morning again and welcome back. I am Kathryn Schumaker. I’m an Assistant Professor of Classics and Letters, and I’m pleased that you could join us here today for the University of Oklahoma’s Teach-In focusing on the strength and fragility of constitutions. Thank you to Eric White, who’s out there somewhere, for that wonderful talk. And our second speaker today is Laura Edwards, the author of A Legal History of the Civil War and Reconstruction: A Nation of Rights. She is also the author of The People and Their Peace: Legal Culture and the Transformation of Inequality in the Post-Revolutionary South, Scarlet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore:…

  • The Little Rock Nine Explained: US History Review
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    The Little Rock Nine Explained: US History Review

    Hey guys welcome to hip hughes history civil rights is on the agenda today. We’re about to take an episode from 1957 the Little Rock nine and serve it up to you on a bed of learning Who’s this lecture for [we’ll] certainly it’s aimed [at] Middle school and high school students if you’re in an American history course not only do You need to understand civil rights But you need to have a concrete event that you can write about and really kind of wrap your head around Certainly if you’re in college, and you’re taking an American history course and you don’t know what the little rock [mine]…

  • 14th Amendment Discussion
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    14th Amendment Discussion

    c disagrees with a bill and sales are in thanks refresh every species what’s up yeah i don’t work that i’d like this long to get that you actually read the constitution i would like you to read article ortiz section week i’m going to get into my rant ok i’d agree with you about the supreme court issued a don’t have the authority of never given the authority but the concept of a congress carries articles aseem this article forty nine startles article seven m_s_-forty affectionately ensemble fourteen fax it anyway fourteenth amendment and for that you know um… the f_b_i_ director left a conduit capital offering all that…

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    Current Conversations: Constitutional Issues and History, Rick Tepker, Episode #118

    Funding for Current Conversations is provided by University of Oklahoma President’s Office, University of Oklahoma OUtreach and, World Literature Today. Welcome to Current Conversations, I’m RC Davis Undiano. Today we’re going to be talking about the US Constitution; what it has meant to American society and culture, and what it still means to the American way of life today. Our guest for today’s show is Professor Rick Tepker who is Floyd and Irma Calvert Professor in Law and Liberty Professor of law at the University of Oklahoma. He was the first OU faculty to argue and win a case in front of the US Supreme Court. I hope you’ll join…

  • The Marriage Cases: Legal Challenges to Prop 8 and DOMA
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    The Marriage Cases: Legal Challenges to Prop 8 and DOMA

    The 14th Amendment guarantees liberty and the equal protection of the law to every American. When a state refuses to recognize a marriage of two people of the same sex, is it violating those principles? Or when the federal government decides not to recognize a marriage that is legal in a state, is that a federal overreach? These are the questions that are before the Court in two cases in 2013. However the Court decides the cases, they raise underlying and enduring questions about liberty that all of us should care about. One case challenges a California State law popularly known as Prop 8, which was passed by the voters…

  • Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #31
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    Discrimination: Crash Course Government and Politics #31

    Hi, I’m Craig. And this is Crash Course: Government and Politics. And today we’re going to try to wrap up the incredibly fun and uplifting subject of equal protection and discrimination. Because if you thought the fourteenth amendment only protected racial and religious minorities and maybe women to some degree, then you’ve underestimated the power of what I call the most important amendment to the Constitution. – Typical leftie nonsense. You haven’t even mentioned the second amendment, the one that gives us the real power to protect ourselves from government overreach. If you’re a member of a well-regulated militia, you mean. Right? Oh! Hey guys. Haven’t seen you in a…

  • Amendments 11-27
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    Amendments 11-27

    Today we will learn about amendments 11 through 27. Amendments are changes to the Constitution, so, they come at the very end after the preamble and the articles. We have 27 amendments total but, today we will learn about numbers 11 through 27. Let’s jump right in with the 11th amendment The 11th amendment deals with lawsuits against states, when a citizen of one state or a foreign country wishes to sue a state, it may not do so in federal court, it must do so in the state’s court, this protects the power of the states. Next up is the 12th amendment. The 12th amendment outlines the procedure for…

  • Kenneth Mack | The 14th amendment: its radical past (and future?)
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    Kenneth Mack | The 14th amendment: its radical past (and future?)

    MARK TUSHNET: I want to welcome you to the final lecture in the series from this semester on Diversity in US Legal History. Before I turn the program over to Professor Mack, I do want to mention or confirm something that I mentioned at the prior session, which is that there will be a successor series of lectures next semester. That title is going to be I think something very close to Issues of Diversity and Social Justice in the first year courses. And there will be a series of lectures starting on February 2nd on sort of week by week, one of basic first year courses and how issues…