• [School Project: Honors Government] – Constitution Infomercial
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    [School Project: Honors Government] – Constitution Infomercial

    Today in 1787, America lives in a state of confusion and disorder under a weak government. Are you tired of bad harvests, economic depression, and high taxes threatening your farms!? Hi, Jamey Mads here with an amazing new Constitution! Unlike the Articles of Confederation, It gives your national and state government the muscle to solve all of your problems, all at the comfort of your consent! Here’s how it works: The national government consists of three powerful branches; the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Legislature incorporates a Congress, divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate, passing laws under a specified constitutional procedure. The Executive branch has an elected president…

  • How Convention of States was put into the Constitution
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    How Convention of States was put into the Constitution

    It was the 15th of September, two days before they signed the document, the end of four long, hot months in Philadelphia. They were ready to go home, but George Mason noticed that Article Five only had a single method for amending the Constitution. He said wait a minute, what if Congress becomes an obstacle? It was given to us by George Mason who said, ‘Look it guys, someday this government is going to abuse its power and there won’t be anything for you ever to ratify if it’s counting on Congress to reduce the power of the federal government. So we need to give the states the ability to…

  • The Making of the American Constitution – Judy Walton
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    The Making of the American Constitution – Judy Walton

    Translator: tom carter Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar It is the spring of 1787. The Revolutionary War has been over for only six years, and the young United States is still struggling in its infancy. Uprisings, boundary disputes and the lack of a common vision all plague the newborn country. In an effort to steady this precarious ship, the Confederation Congress calls on states to send delegates to the grand Convention, to begin on May 14 in Philadelphia. The delegates must draft revisions to the Articles of Confederation, which would then be considered by the Congress and approved by the states. Under the terms of the Articles, all 13 states had to…