• The Right of Publicity and the First Amendment
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    The Right of Publicity and the First Amendment

    right a publicity in the first amendment to write a publicity is not The Constitutional Right. The right of publicity is fundamentally an economic right. It’s the right to exploit your name image or likeness for commercial gain The right of publicity is not mentioned in the Constitution. Unlike copyright or patents, it’s not there. The right of publicity therefore does not give the holder of the right the right to censor inflammatory or offensive portrayals, because the First Amendment The First Amendment protects information in the public interest. As the press likes to say it is the right of the public to know and the press’ right to tell.…

  • Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9
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    Reinforcement Learning: Crash Course AI#9

    Hey, I’m Jabril and welcome to Crash Course AI. Say I want to get a cookie from a jar that’s on a tall shelf. There isn’t one “right way” to get the cookies. Maybe I find a ladder, use a lasso, or build a complicated system of pulleys. These could all be brilliant or terrible ideas, but if something works, I get the sweet taste of victory… and I learn that doing that same thing could get me another cookie in the future. We learn lots of things by trial-and-error, and this kind of “learning by doing” to achieve complicated goals is called Reinforcement Learning. INTRO So far, we’ve talked…

  • Nullify! Chapter 15: Wasting Time
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    Nullify! Chapter 15: Wasting Time

    Some people want States to nullify by arresting federal agents, but in today’s political and legal climate, there’s no way for this to work in practice. Under modern legal precedent, any case involving a federal agent acting within the scope of their assigned duties gets “removed” to federal court. On top of it, they’re currently isn’t a state court or state government in the country that’s willing to tell the federal courts to pound sand when it comes to charging a federal agent with breaking state law. In other words, the structure of the legal system today makes it nearly impossible to prosecute a federal agent in state court for…