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    When Will the Constitution Be “Outdated?”

    Okay, let’s get into audience questions for the week and they are good and they are very needy this week. Hey David, when will the constitution be officially outdated? This is so loaded and it just, uh, to, to begin with. There are lots of people who just say never there called constitutional fetishists. Sometimes they call into the show, but if we want to have a sensible adult conversation, the first question is, what do you mean by outdated? If you mean, does the constitution still effectively establish the federal government and give us, uh, the original set of powers for the federal government? It still does that. And…

  • CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Trump REFUSING to Cooperate with Impeachment
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    CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Trump REFUSING to Cooperate with Impeachment

    Obstruction is very quickly becoming the name of the game because Donald Trump is now officially retired using to cooperate with the house’s impeachment inquiry. We will talk about what this means. We will talk about what will happen next, which is really the most important question. I told you before that there are just too many differences between bill Clinton’s impeachment and Donald Trump’s impeachment to really draw relevant parallels in terms of the course that they might take, the outcome that they might have. A bill Clinton’s impeachment was overlying about an affair. Donald Trump’s is over borderline treasonous behavior. Clinton wasn’t tweeting all day about it. Donald…

  • The Supreme Court Has Betrayed You (Thom Hartmann Interview)
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    The Supreme Court Has Betrayed You (Thom Hartmann Interview)

    It’s great to welcome to the program today, Tom Hartman, who is host of the Tom Hartman program and also author of the new book out today, the hidden history jury of the Supreme court and the betrayal of America. Very timely, a release. Tom. So great to have you today. Hey David, it’s always a pleasure to be on your program. Thank you. So just to start with, what’s your process when you do a new book because you’ve done a number of them. I I would guess more than 20 at this point, although I don’t have the full list in front of me. Does the, do you…

  • Is It Time for an Economic Bill of Rights?
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    Is It Time for an Economic Bill of Rights?

    Let’s try the four one seven area code next. Who’s calling today from four one seven Hey, dev is Tyler. Hey Tyler, what’s up? Okay, so this is the 75th anniversary of FTRs 1944 address to Congress on where he introduced the second bill of rights and economic bill of rights already of course, and June. He called for a 21st century economic bill of rights. What do you think about the value of having an actual declaration of economic rights that could be committed to by representatives, citizens, organizations as a unifying expression of what the democratic party and Democrats are supposed to stand for? It would be delightful,…

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    First Amendment Only Protects Christians, Says Bryan Fischer

    Bryan Fischer a is apparently the head of the American Family Association and he apparently is some sort of media show put anybody ever watch that to be honest is when we run has cops they’re amusing and obviously the appeal to certain percentage other a country and give you a sense with the right-wingers are coming from so it we don’t show your eye pressure causes an enormously popular guy but we show it to you cuz he’s somewhat representative I love the thought process is a verb certain percentage in the country right so he want to weigh in on that Oklahoma monument controversy that we’ve been telling…

  • The Constitution Was Meant to Be Changed
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    The Constitution Was Meant to Be Changed

    It’s great to welcome to the program today, Sanford Levinson, who is a legal scholar professor at the University of [inaudible] city of Texas law school and coauthor along his wife Cynthia of the book fault lines in the Constitution, the framers, their fights and the flaws that affect us today. A Sanford. So great to talk to you today. I’m delighted to be here. So to begin with, for people who may be aren’t a familiar with the genesis of the constitution, what was going on in the United States that prompted the founding fathers to realize that the articles of confederation were in some way not working or…