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    Bill C-69: the worst piece of legislation passed in decades

    Bill C-69 has been a disaster from the minute Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts introduced it. Butts is long gone but the nasty influence of this bill continues. Now it’s become law, the worst piece of legislation passed by Parliament in decades. This is a bill that’s going to drive wedges across this country that will rival or exceed Pierre Trudeau’s arrogant treatment of the Western Canadian energy sector. Some of us felt this bill was unsalvageable from the beginning, but a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into trying to make it remotely useful. Senators of all stripes actually worked together to amend it to…

  • AMA Public Affairs: Air Passenger Bill of Rights
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    AMA Public Affairs: Air Passenger Bill of Rights

    Air travel can take a lot of planning. Packing. Pet care. Parking. The last thing you should worry about are your rights as an air passenger. Which is why AMA and CAA are strong advocates for a Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights. The fact is this: You deserve to be protected when things go wrong. This could be when you’re denied boarding or your flight is overbooked. Your flight is delayed or cancelled for a reason that’s within an airline’s control. You’re sitting on the tarmac for more than 90 minutes. Your baggage is lost or damaged. Or, having to pay extra to sit next to your child. Right…