• Adam Ruins Everything – How America Created the “Model Minority” Myth | truTV
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    Adam Ruins Everything – How America Created the “Model Minority” Myth | truTV

    Boy, I’m sure glad we left the pool party, Trey. Math homework is way more fun! Computer, that’s the first thing you’ve ever said that doesn’t add up. (canned laughter) You’re so studious, Computer. Trey, you could learn a thing or two from his people. They’re very wise. (canned laughter) Whoa, time out! (whistle blowing) Here we go again! TV and movies are rampant with Asian stereotypes. Especially the idea that Asian people are some kind of “model minority.” Smart, successful, polite, obedient, and of course, inherently good at math. What’s the big deal? Those are all compliments. Well, these “compliments” actually originated in a government propaganda campaign. And not…

  • What Is The Constitution Attended To Do?
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    What Is The Constitution Attended To Do?

    me politicians are constantly talking about the cost of living is close to show what is a constitutional with politicians saying uh… whether it’s ron paul’s saying that social security is unconstitutional for a new usually formal rules refusing to pay attention to our country for the articles in the amendments and all that stuff unless the preamble that i was a great we had to memorize the preamble for artistic last and it says that we have people united states pretty good so far in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquility madeline kahn defense promote the general welfare unskilled buses of liberty to…

  • FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights p2
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    FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights p2

    k i d alana finish up f_d_r_’s second new deal it’ll just take a second then will pick up some in your thoughts on this cuz i got people here live who won tell me i’m crazy and others who think that this is that this is gonna save america so we don’t want the rate of thirty on the other thing for farmers is not so much farmers anymore in business of free from apple a home in health care uh… here is speckled number six this is f_d_r_ about the social safety net here you go no probably economic head already shipment the prime aldape sickness accidents and…

  • Should the U.S. Write a New Constitution?
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    Should the U.S. Write a New Constitution?

    (theme music) – If we were to create America from scratch today how would we create our user manual? And who would write it?. (inspirational electronic music) What is the average turnaround time or shelf life of a constitution internationally? – Internationally it’s only about 17 years and it’s actually going down. In recent decades it’s been only about 12 years. – And ours has lasted for– – Over 200 years, right? – Okay. – Yeah, so. – Okay, so we’re about due? – Seventeen… well – Ha ha ha. – that’s what some people say actually. – [Toussaint] Writing or re-writing a constitution is not a job for the…

  • Limited Government | Principles of the Constitution
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    Limited Government | Principles of the Constitution

    “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” Hello…I’m Alan Scholl… for the Freedom Project sponsored by the American Opinion Foundation. Welcome to “Principles of the Constitution Series.” We hope to help you understand the original plan for the government of this great nation, as constructed by the Founding Fathers. In this lesson we’re going to concentrate on the concept of “Limited Government.” Can you tell me what kind of government the United States has? is it a Democracy a Socialist government a Republic or a Monarchy Actually a better question should be…What kind of government is United states suppose to have? Well, we have been consistently…

  • The Try Guys Try Immigrating To America
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    The Try Guys Try Immigrating To America

    – Torture convention? What’s a torture convention? Is that like Comic-Con but for assholes? (laughing) Immigration. (upbeat music) – Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, sometimes. – Today, we’re gonna find out what does it take to get into America. Am I allowed to lie on this test? – Okay. – Both my parents are immigrants. But I have no idea what the steps are. I don’t know if they had to, like, submit head shots, or do like an audition reel. Hello, my name is Jay. I like freedom, rap music, and I like cowboy boots. American now? – Well, I’m Hiroshi…

  • ALEC Trying to Undo The 17th Amendment!
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    ALEC Trying to Undo The 17th Amendment!

    his 17th amendment thing the American Legislative Exchange Council Alec you know the mood coming over the right-wing strategy since nineteen seventy something I read other pol memo more the founders is Paul way rector I don’t want everybody to vote frankly are are leveraging the election goes up as the voting populace goes down back I that I guys organization American Legislative Exchange Council which rewrites and create state laws they got this new one to basically undo the 17th amendment the 17th amendment came about because the a copper Baron in a montana literally state bet he used to be that the state legislatures decided who was going…

  • The Constitution Of The United States (Article 2)
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    The Constitution Of The United States (Article 2)

    The Constitution of the United States of America Article 2 – The Executive Branch Section 1 – The President The Executive power shall be vested in President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during during the term for four years and together with the vice president chosen for the same term be elected as follows: Each state shall appoint in such manner is the legislature thereof may direct. A number of electors equal to the full number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the Congress. But no senator or representative or person holding office of trust or profit under…

  • Should we Have a Constitutional Convention?
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    Should we Have a Constitutional Convention?

    David Cobb is on the line with us the national spokesperson for moved to a man former Green Party candidate for president United States moved to amend .org course the website that I am constantly ranting about on this program David welcome back thank you thomas thanks for all that good ranting I can always a Salehi you you are definitely at the cutting edge of corporate personhood out here and asking well thank you in the hustings why haven’t heard that phrase in a while are it be David how do I want to talk with you about a constitutional conventions and about how we get amendments into the…

  • Time to Bring Back FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…
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    Time to Bring Back FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…

    its sole worth revisiting I just I wanna share this with you know back to your phone calls you on anything goes Friday in and it being anything as writing pick up any topic you what and so as you moderators privilege I’m gonna pick the topic that I want which is the FDR second Bella rights this is what we need to do to reboot this country it was proposed in 1944 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his State of the Union address and he said in our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident we have accepted so to speak a second bill of rights under…