• Can TRUMP be ‘FIRED’?: IMPEACHMENT in US politics – VisualPolitik EN
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    Can TRUMP be ‘FIRED’?: IMPEACHMENT in US politics – VisualPolitik EN

    We’ve all heard about the impeachment process against Donald Trump. However, how many really understand what this means, what impeachment actually consists of and the history of this process in the United States? I can already tell you that this process is much, much more complex than a mere debate about the President’s impeachment. You see, the American Constitution defines impeachment as a tool to be used only in extremely exceptional cases. With it, the legislative power can practically reverse the people’s will. A will expressed through the election of the president. Therefore, under very serious circumstances, an impeachment implies the overriding of the democratic electoral regime. We’re talking about…

  • Kurt Lash “A Troubled Birth of Freedom”
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    Kurt Lash “A Troubled Birth of Freedom”

    and my thanks to Lee Strang to Dean Barros the University of Toledo College of Law and the Federal Society for inviting me in giving me the honor of delivering this year’s Stranahan lecture and I’m especially pleased to be here to talk about the 14th amendment an amendment as I was I was talking with Lee and the Dean just prior to beginning my remarks and I was remembering what an extraordinary role that Ohio has played in the establishment and creation of the 14th amendment including a very important gentleman mind by the name of John Bingham who drafted section 1 of the 14th amendment he’s going to…

  • Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
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    Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The American Civil War ended in 1865. And a new conflict immediately began. The North won the first war. The South won the second. To truly understand American history, one needs to understand how this happened, and why. The years immediately following the end of the Civil War—1865 to 1877—are known in American history as “Reconstruction.” What should have been a glorious chapter in America’s story—the full integration of 3.9 million freed slaves—instead became a shameful one. It began with the assassination of Republican president Abraham Lincoln. One week after the Civil War effectively ended, the one man with the political savvy and shrewdness to have guided Reconstruction was gone.…

  • How does impeachment work? – Alex Gendler
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    How does impeachment work? – Alex Gendler

    For most jobs, it’s understood that you can be fired, whether for crime, incompetence, or just poor performance. But what if your job happens to be the most powerful position in the country, or the world? That’s where impeachment comes in. Impeachment isn’t the same as actually removing someone from office. Like an indictment in criminal court, it’s only the formal accusation that launches a trial, which could end in conviction or acquittal. Originating in the United Kingdom, impeachment allowed Parliament to vote for removing a government official from office even without the king’s consent. Although this was an important check on royal power, the king couldn’t be impeached because…

  • So, You Want To Impeach The President | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR
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    So, You Want To Impeach The President | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR

    No president of the United States has ever been removed from office by impeachment. But, it’s hard to watch the news these days without hearing the word. So, what does it actually take to impeach a president? First, a member of the House of Representatives brings a resolution of impeachment, and that happens from time to time. Not a big deal in and of itself. Number 2, the House Judiciary Committee would have to produce a majority vote to advance that impeachment resolution to the full House. Third, the full House would have to have a majority vote for the impeachment resolution. Fourth and finally, the Senate would sit as…