• Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Bubble Letters
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    Drawing Lessons : How to Draw Bubble Letters

    Joe Hickerson, grindog.com. Today we’re going to learn how to draw bubble letters. The first thing you want to do is you want to exchange your straight lines for bubbles. So if you draw an A for instance, you want to come back and draw a lips or circular bubble shapes where your straight lines are. Now you notice I’m drawing in pencil here. I draw in pencil very lightly so I can come back after I pick the lines that I want and erase my construction lines. Okay. So there’s an A, B, C; if you have a curve like this, maybe break it into segments, like that. Okay.…

  • “Universal Sea” Art Installation – Student Services Building
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    “Universal Sea” Art Installation – Student Services Building

    (peaceful music) My name is Resa Blatman. My art deals with issues surrounding climate change. So my inspiration for this project was nature. Not specifically climate change, but nature in general. And the idea that to bring nature indoors, and have people feel a sense of beauty and wonder when they come into the building. It took me several months. I had some of these pieces had been previously painted. The linear-off white color. But over, I spent about nine months working on it. Not continuously. And it took me 50 hours to install it. (peaceful music) So the corals are the red color of coral, well sort of. It’s…

  • Rhett & Link Join Blue Man Group
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    Rhett & Link Join Blue Man Group

    One of us had a life-changing experience with the Blue Man Group. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good. Mythical. Morning. On our recent trip to Las Vegas, we had an amazing opportunity to gain unfettered, unprecedented– at least for us– behind-the-scenes access to the Blue Man Group. Now, if you don’t know what the Blue Man Group is or who they are, it is an amazing show where three blue men do an incredible assortment of musical and visual things. – Without talking. – Now, if you haven’t seen it in person, you really should see it in person. But here’s just a couple of clips to…

  • Animation Pixel, Aventure les 13 royaumes – Ép.6 – “Le contrebandier”
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    Animation Pixel, Aventure les 13 royaumes – Ép.6 – “Le contrebandier”

    You’ll decide to play Thornald! You’re losing your temper, Bibish! I’m Bishop, not Bibish, you understand? Okay, okay, don’t get mad! Hey kid, go tell my crew to be ready to go. Today is payday! Are you ready to lose! Come on, let’s go! ALL-IN ! Hahaha! I’m sure you’re bluffing, you got nothing! Well, be brave and pay to see! Okay! You asked for it! ALL-IN ! And there’s my pretty straight flush! Don’t you say anything more about sweet water marine? Yeah, that’s not bad! But not enough! I’m announcing! Royal flush! Ahahah Impossible !!! What do you mean, Bibish? Over here, the money! Hey boss, he just…

  • Confederation Park Art
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    Confederation Park Art

    We are working on an art project for Confederation Park. And we are representing voices that were not heard in the creation of Canada. I think as a young person it can be challenging to speak out sometimes. Just with everything, with peer pressure, and being so young, people will judge you. But this is a great opportunity to actually do something and have support in it while doing it.

  • Dicke Contemporary Artist Lecture with Mark Bradford
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    Dicke Contemporary Artist Lecture with Mark Bradford

    Hi, good evening. Can everybody hear me? No, how’s that? Good, okay. I’m Joanna Marsh, I’m the James Dicke Curator of Contemporary Art here at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It’s a pleasure to welcome you this evening. Tonight’s program is our third annual James F Dicke Contemporary Artist Lecture. This series honors Mr. Dicke for his outstanding leadership on the American Art Museum commission, his years of service to this museum, and his incredible generosity– his contributions both to our collections and our programs, in particular our contemporary art initiative. We thank Jim Dicke and are really excited to present the program tonight. Jim’s patronage of the arts extends…