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    Trump Could Face Articles of Impeachment by Halloween

    -Guys, I’m very pumped about this. Billie Eilish is my guest tonight. [ Cheers and applause ] Billie — Billie is incredible. She just 17 years old, and she’s about to go on a world tour. Meanwhile, when I was 17, I was touring a fake I.D. around every 7-Eleven. [ Laughter ] “Can I get some…” [ Laughter ] Guys, this is our final live show this week, and I just want to thank our incredible staff for all their hard work. Thank you, guys, very much. [ Cheers and applause ] I also want to thank President Trump for making everyone’s job a lot easier. Let’s get to…

  • How does impeachment work? – Alex Gendler
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    How does impeachment work? – Alex Gendler

    For most jobs, it’s understood that you can be fired, whether for crime, incompetence, or just poor performance. But what if your job happens to be the most powerful position in the country, or the world? That’s where impeachment comes in. Impeachment isn’t the same as actually removing someone from office. Like an indictment in criminal court, it’s only the formal accusation that launches a trial, which could end in conviction or acquittal. Originating in the United Kingdom, impeachment allowed Parliament to vote for removing a government official from office even without the king’s consent. Although this was an important check on royal power, the king couldn’t be impeached because…