• 10 Years of the NT Intervention – Behind the News
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    10 Years of the NT Intervention – Behind the News

    JACK: In the aftermath of a natural disaster, when a lot of people need urgent help, sometimes an emergency is declared. It usually means the military can be called in and money becomes available to try to make things better quickly. But in June 2007, an emergency was declared for a very different reason. The release of a report saying a lot of Indigenous kids in the Northern Territory weren’t being treated very well and weren’t being looked after properly. I have called this news conference to announce a number of major measures to deal with what we can only describe as a national emergency. The prime minister of the…

  • How Good is Democracy? | Q&A
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    How Good is Democracy? | Q&A

    (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Hello, and welcome to Q&A. I’m Tony Jones. And joining us in Melbourne – as you can hear – tonight, People’s Panellist Li Shee Su, a former IT executive who’s concerned that Australian democracy is letting us down, the Shadow Minister for Environment and Water, Terri Butler, British philosopher AC Grayling, whose latest books trace the history of philosophy and the crises in modern democracy. Now, La Trobe University historian Clare Wright, who chronicled the campaign to win the vote for women, and the Minister For Population And Urban Infrastructure, Alan Tudge. Please welcome our panel. Thank you. Q&A is coming to you live across eastern Australia on…

  • What is Constitutional Recognition? – Behind the News Explains
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    What is Constitutional Recognition? – Behind the News Explains

    constitutional recognition it’s something a lot of indigenous people in Australia have been campaigning for, for a really long time. But what exactly is it and why is it such a big deal. Let’s start with that first word: Constitutional this is Australia’s Constitution. No, I’m just kidding it’s not that big. It’s more like this. It’s kind of like our nations rule book It sets out how laws are made and enforced although ours is not as popular or as famous as the one they’ve got over in the United States which they like to talk about all of the time You think the language in the second amendment…

  • The Indigenous Voice | Q&A
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    The Indigenous Voice | Q&A

    (APPLAUSE) Good evening and welcome to Q&A. I’m Tony Jones. A special look at the case for the recognition of Indigenous Australians in our Constitution. Here to answer your questions tonight – one of the delegates from the Uluru convention that proposed an Indigenous voice to parliament, Sally Scales. Liberal MP and conservative advocate of the voice, Julian Leeser. Former Liberal candidate and Indigenous opponent of the voice, Jacinta Price. Co-chair of the joint committee on Closing the Gap, Pat Turner. And the Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Linda Burney. Please welcome our panel. We should say we’re disappointed that three key players who had agreed to join the panel…