• Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST
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    Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

    Is the campus free speech crisis a myth? Some say yes. They tell us not to be distracted by media stories of campus radicals shouting down speakers. “Look at the big picture,” they say. “Free speech is doing just fine.” Are they right? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist. I was recently invited to Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, to give a lecture making a case for more openness on women’s issues, such as the gender wage gap, or the patriarchal rape culture. These need to be questioned and debated, not accepted as gospel. Women—everyone—are best served by truth—not slogans, much less myths. But…

  • Was Obama Right About Gun Control?
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    Was Obama Right About Gun Control?

    On the 5th January 2016, President Obama unveiled new gun control laws, to protect American citizens. The President announced his executive orders to forcibly implement new gun control measures, bypassing Congess’ opposition to these changes. Obama wants to control the sale of firearms at gun shows and flea markets, so that all sellers must be registered and licensed, and put in place mandatory background checks on buyers. In an emotional plea, Obama recalled the events of the Sandy Hook Massacre, street violence in Chicago and other recent killings, to stop the loss of innocent lives. But millions of right-wing supporters claim that Obama’s decision is an infringement of the second…

  • The Opioid Epidemic is a Lie – Medical Freedom
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    The Opioid Epidemic is a Lie – Medical Freedom

    I am sitting in a stick Hut in the park. Today, I’d like to talk with you a bit about medical freedom. I do a radio show called medical freedom and I’m asked sometimes, well, what is medical freedom? And it’s really a right that we don’t have, but we should. One of our founding fathers, signer of the Declaration of Independence, was Dr. Benjamin Rush, and he urged for a provision to be made for medical freedom just as there was being made a provision for religious freedom. He wasn’t heeded and today we live in a world of: forced vaccination, pain patients being stripped of their pain medicine,…

  • Teaching about the U.S. Constitution
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    Teaching about the U.S. Constitution

    Tom Vontz: Hello, and welcome to Kansas State University’s courses on the Constitution. My name is Tom Vontz, and I’m associate professor and director of the Center for Social Studies Education here at Kansas State University. We’ve developed a series of six, one-hour courses that focus on teaching and learning about the United States Constitution. My teaching partner is: Robert Leming: Hi I’m Robert Leming. I’m the National Director for the “We the People” program at the Center for Civic Education. Tom Vontz: We, Bob and I, have both done professional development and workshops for thousands of teachers across the United States, and as we have gained experience in providing…

  • Nick Offerman’s Political Comedy Routine
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    Nick Offerman’s Political Comedy Routine

    Offerman: Good evening They’ve left a gavel up here for me, it’s apparently a stout American white oak so things get unruly will call this room to order. Good evening it’s a great honor to be here, my sisters and I look forward to coming to this event every year since march of 2011 Syria…shit. Excuse me. Good evening. And thank you for having me here tonight it really is a great honor and don’t worry I’m being paid significantly less than Jill Abramson to do this job. I grew up in a small town. My late grandpa Ray was the mayor of my hometown Minooka, IL. I come from…

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    The incredible history of the 2nd Amendment and America’s gun violence problem | Jill Lepore

    One of the more interesting theories about the nature of gun violence in the United States and the quite high homicide rate in the United States, both of which distinguish the United States from other similar nations, has to do with at what moment in time the United States became independent and why the Second Amendment ends up in the Bill of Rights, which is written by Madison. In the theory it is that most states, that is nation states, pursued a historical course that led to the state having a monopoly on violence before the state became fully democratized, that is to say the government essentially seizes the weapons…

  • Peaceful Assembly: Your right to Protest S2E25 UDHR 20
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    Peaceful Assembly: Your right to Protest S2E25 UDHR 20

    Today we will look at the right to peacefully assemble hello good people my name is Janice your host here at dignity Human Rights in daily life thank you for stopping by if you’re new here welcome after watching this video and invite you to check out this playlist and please consider subscribing Congress shall make no law prohibiting the right of the people peaceably to assemble although used interchangeably freedom of assembly is often used in the context of the right to protest while freedom of association is used in the context of labor rights the right to peaceful assembly means that someone can gather with others without fear…

  • Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple
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    Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple

    Fresh water flowing out to the ocean in our worst drought a farmers lifeblood dumped at sea, it’s just absolutely heartbreaking to see in one day 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools going into the ocean enough to supply Dubbo and Tamworth with a year’s worth of water but it’s sent to South Australia where lush waterways thrive with birds boats and big homes so it’s just totally criminal there’s so much water at floods of forests at the bar Machoke out of farmers reach it’s just horrific knowing that they cannot legally touch a drop of it it’s leaving upstream communities in New South Wales crumbling we’ve had no house…

  • Common Sense 2017.  Constitutional Convention and New United States Constitution.  A New Republic.
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    Common Sense 2017. Constitutional Convention and New United States Constitution. A New Republic.

    Hello my name is Daniel Bruno Americans need to retire the two-party system Congressional approval ratings, hover around 8% yet most members are re-elected over and over again The old definitions of liberal and conservative left and rights no longer apply Come and join us to form a more perfect union Abolish the Department of Homeland Security Come clean about terrorism and mass shootings Decriminalize all drugs and the drug war Enforce the Second Amendment Stop putting people in cages for possession of an object Close down the lobbies end the wars Abolish the income tax Truth and reconciliation About September 11th break up the media monopoly No more fake…