• Missouri Legislative Updates 2017
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    Missouri Legislative Updates 2017

    Hi, I’m John Schleiffarth, Independent Program Attorney for U.S. LawShield in Missouri. I’m coming to you with a legislative update about proposed bills that could become law in Missouri. The first one I want to talk about is House Bill 458. House Bill 458 would add additional protections for citizens who own firearms and would like to keep them in their car on an employer-owned parking lot. The bill would prevent employers from retaliating against employees who have guns that they bring with them in their cars to work. This is a good bill. It looks like it may pass. The next bill I’d like to discuss is House Bill…

  • June 23, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video
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    June 23, 2017 | Federal Legislative Report | AFSCME Video

    Recently, President Trump called the House health care bill “mean.” The bill released by Senate GOP leaders is even more heartless. Millions will lose their health coverage while millionaires will get big tax cuts. We expect a vote on this bill next week. The clock is ticking fast for Congress to put together a budget plan and fund the federal government by the end of September. We need a fair budget that invests in public services and doesn’t cut important programs like Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. Republican leaders, though, have a different plan.

  • Sen. Tom Udall Proposes Constitutional Amendment Bill
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    Sen. Tom Udall Proposes Constitutional Amendment Bill

    Senator Tom Udall is are going to be putting across a constitutional amendment to the Senate is apparently going to be voting on this year that would allow increased federal control over campaign finance laws and also allow the states to have more control over their state campaign finance laws I’ll to use in details about that bill knows bill would allow Congress to limit fundraising and spending on federal campaigns give states the authority to govern campaign finance laws at the state level and allow congress to oversee super PACs an independent X the expenditures now this amendment is of course a response to Obama cuts indecision and perhaps…

  • Reality of Citizenship Bill | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee
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    Reality of Citizenship Bill | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee

    Imagine, for a moment, you’re in an ocean, travelling in a boat. You’re travelling in a boat, alright? Suddenly, you hear a scream When you turn around to look, you see two people in the ocean They’re swimming and signal towards you to help You turn your boat towards them They scream and tell you to save them as their boat had capsized Take us back to our homes! You turn around and look at your boat and wonder if there is space to save both of them And you realize that there is enough space for at least 5 people, so it would be easy to save both of…

  • How a Law is Made – Legislative Council
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    How a Law is Made – Legislative Council

    Most of the legislation originates in the Legislative Assembly, there are a very few bills that start in the Legislative Council and that’s because usually they have money implications and it’s under the Constitution, any bill with money implications needs to start in the Assembly. We have a Westminster system which has two Houses of Parliament, so we bring the bill here to enable all members to have a second look at it, it’s a check and balance in the system and what’s particularly important in the Legislative Council is the composition of the membership of this House is quite different to the Legislative Assembly. We have more minor parties…

  • Georgia Legislative Updates 2017
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    Georgia Legislative Updates 2017

    There were some significant changes in the law for Weapons Carry License holders and for firearms owners in general in Georgia in 2017. We’re going to look at two specific House Bills: House Bill 280 and House Bill 292, both of which were signed by Governor Deal and both of which went into effect July 1st. Now House Bill 280 is what we call the Campus Carry bill. This bill applied to Georgia’s public colleges and universities—not private schools—public colleges and universities, but does allow for lawful Weapons Carry License holders to carry concealed handguns onto certain areas and spaces of Georgia’s public colleges and universities. Very important thing to…

  • Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017
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    Oklahoma Legislative Updates 2017

    Hello. This is Robert Robles, attorney for U.S. LawShield in Oklahoma. I’m going to review the highlights of the 2017 Oklahoma Legislature, and their activities concerning gun laws in the state of Oklahoma that take effect November 1, 2017. I’m going to read them to you. And there are nine separate gun laws. Number 1 – Senate Bill 35: Active military may carry a firearm out using a military ID, plus an Oklahoma photo ID. Number 2 – Senate Bill 36: Definition of a pistol was amended to allow single or multiple projectiles from a single round of ammunition. Number 3 – Senate Bill 40: Felony Pointing, Section 1289.25 amended.…

  • How a Law is Made – Legislative Assembly
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    How a Law is Made – Legislative Assembly

    The important point to bare in mind about the Legislative Assembly, is that it is the House of Government. It’s where the Government is formed. We have two houses of the Parliament, we have bicameral system, in the case of Victoria we have the Legislative Assembly, the Lower House, the seat of Government and we have the Legislative Council which is the Upper House. Seen as a House of review. The Parliament represents the people, between elections, it’s key function is a law making body, but it does more than just pass bills, pass legislation it’s role of course is to scrutinise bills, to debate them. The Minister introduces the…

  • Too Far? NAACP Magazine Shows Scalia With Confederate Bandana
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    Too Far? NAACP Magazine Shows Scalia With Confederate Bandana

    the calmer all of the n_ double a_c_p_’s official magazine features justice antonin scalia with the confederate bandana so the question is did they go too far why or why not so let me give you got some of the backstory here real fast why did they make this cover well it was in direct response to a comment that scalia made about the voting rights act he called it they perpetuation of racial entitlement i cringe just when i repeat it so those of you who know the history of the voting rights act know how profoundly ridiculous that comment is the voting rights act of nineteen sixty five…