• SHARE: Educational Strategy Team Legislative Committee Report
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    SHARE: Educational Strategy Team Legislative Committee Report

    Hello, my name is Kim Bianco Majeri and I work with the NAD as the State Legislative Affairs Coordinator. I work with each state by discussing issues in their local area and by strategizing how to introduce and/or oppose bills. I also serve on the NAD Educational Strategy Team focusing on legislative bills related to Education. The Legislative Committee on EST has focused on three areas in the past two years. First, we revamped the Deaf Child Bill of Rights. We have had a general sample on our website and it has been up to the states to develop their own bills — which some states have done so. This…

  • FAA – The First Jobs & Innovation Bill of the New Congress
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    FAA – The First Jobs & Innovation Bill of the New Congress

    As anyone who’s recently flown on an airplane knows our airport transport system is strained, and it is subject to increased congestion, and an increase delay. We have to upgrade our system now or we’re going to face absolutely enormous consequences. The FAA bill is exactly the type of investment in our future that will propel our country forwards spur growth, create jobs. According to an industry estimates the bill will result in 280,000 good-paying jobs in communities across the country. Another major factor will be the improved flow of commerce. 40% of the value of commerce and trade travels by air. A lot of what travels by air is…

  • A conversation with Bill Gates and Tara Westover
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    A conversation with Bill Gates and Tara Westover

    Well, Tara, I loved your book. It’s an amazing story. And even though you’d had almost no formal schooling, you managed to get into BYU. You have to learn algebra. How did that come together? I had no idea what education was. I had never set foot in a classroom before. But I really loved to sing, and I became obsessed with this idea of going to college so that I could learn how to sing. And algebra became a thing I had to do in order to do that thing. For me it took me to Brigham Young University, and then I discovered history there and that took me…

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    Constitution Says Congress, Not William Barr, Can Determine If Trump Obstructed Justice

    So Attorney General, William Barr told us yesterday that no, he is definitely not going to release the full unredacted Mueller report, but he will release a redacted report very soon. I’m not good enough, but I guess it’s something, right. But here’s the thing, and this is what several former members of the justice department have actually been out there saying recently, and that is bar already jumped the gun and overstepped his authority by immediately clearing Donald Trump of obstruction of justice according to them, that wasn’t bars decision to make actually, even though Mueller kicked it over to them. In fact, that decision, according to the US…

  • Types of Bill: Ordinary, Money, Financial and Constitutional Amendment Bill
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    Types of Bill: Ordinary, Money, Financial and Constitutional Amendment Bill

    Hello friends! In this lecture we will learn about Bill and its types. A bill when passed by both the houses of Parliament and given Presidential assent becomes a law. There are four types of bills, namely: Ordinary Bill, Money Bill, Financial Bill, and Constitutional Amendment Bill. A Constitutional amendment bill is passed to amend one or more provisions of Constitution. It is introduced under Article 368 of the constitution. A money bill deals with money matters as mentioned under Article 110. A Financial bill deals with money as well as non-money matters. An Ordinary Bill deals with remaining matters i.e., those matters which are not covered under Constitutional, Money…

  • AG Harris Joins Central Valley Law Enforcement Leaders
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    AG Harris Joins Central Valley Law Enforcement Leaders

    alright well I want to first of all thank the leaders of law enforcement from zone 5 that stand next to me with me behind me around me for their leadership we have been here today in Fresno in closed-door session all morning bringing together local state and federal law enforcement to talk about the challenges we face and to also talk about how we are prepared to meet those challenges is a very productive morning where we talked about the impact of transnational gang activity and the impact not only to public safety but the work that law enforcement needs to do to to meet that challenge and it’s…

  • New Bill of Rights for parents
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    New Bill of Rights for parents

    are getting closer to passing a bill designed to keep parents in the loop about health services that their children receive while they’re at school those services include mental health and birth control but some critics say passing the parents bill of rights will only lead to problems news for Jax reporter Ashlie Harding’s joining us now live with more details about this bill Ashley it cleared a Senate panel infectious yesterday it did Jen and Bruce good morning to you both and supporters say this is about making sure parents know exactly what’s going on with their children inside the school but Democrats are opposing the bill saying it…

  • Foster Children’s Bill of Rights
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    Foster Children’s Bill of Rights

    signing ceremony will be held in Frankfort today for a bill known as the foster children’s Bill of Rights House bill 158 includes 16 statutory rights for foster children including the guarantee of food clothing safety and shelter it was signed by Governor Matt Bevin back in March it went into effect immediately under an emergency clause one man who helped push the bill to the governor’s desk was Cameron Galloway he’s a KSU student who was in the foster care system from just two years old on foster you don’t have rights but the foster parents have rights so right now we’re just trying to get on the same…

  • Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 12
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    Courts Matters Bill and Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 12

    other members the house is resumed before the dinner break and before the valedictory zwi were during the first reading of the Tribunal’s parent procedures legislation bill and at the court matters bill the next speaker I was anticipating would be there being no further speakers the question is that the motion be agreed to those of that opinion will say I the country no the eyes have it courts matters bill first reading tribunals powers and procedures legislation bill first reading the question is the court matters bill and the tribunals powers and procedures of legislation bill is considered by the justice and electoral committee those of that opinion…

  • Polls reordering: Senate re-introduces Electoral Act amendment bill
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    Polls reordering: Senate re-introduces Electoral Act amendment bill

    A new bill on the amendment is to be presented and passed for first reading today, Tuesday, March 27, according to the Order Paper for today’s plenary, Punch reports.The first version of the bill, which was introduced in the House of Representatives, had been passed by the National Assembly but vetoed by President Muhammadu Buhari. The bill had sought to reorder the sequence of polls during a general election, which generated controversy over the allegation that it was targeted at Buhari in the 2019 elections. Meanwhile, we had reported that Attorney General of the Federation and minister of justice, Abubakar Malami, and the Independent National Electoral Commission have given reasons why…