• Designing a Universal Payment Network (w/ Jed McCaleb)
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    Designing a Universal Payment Network (w/ Jed McCaleb)

    ASH BENNINGTON: The future of finance, or the mother of all asset bubbles? Cryptocurries like Bitcoin and Ethereum are a divisive topic in the investing world, and yet some of those digital assets have made their founders and early investors incredibly rich. This series gives you the chance to hear some of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency space. In this episode, you’ll hear part of a discussion between Santiago Capitals Brent Johnson and Jed McCaleb. Jed McCaleb co-founded Ripple, a cryptocurrency, and Mt. Gox, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges– before its spectacular implosion in 2014. Jed’s now working on a nonprofit called Stellar. We’re about to…

  • The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4
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    The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

    You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world. It’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right the world economy, but few know what it is Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck, every day it seems things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today. The powers that be do not want…

  • MobiePay Ecosystem Overview (Universal Payments & Rewards)
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    MobiePay Ecosystem Overview (Universal Payments & Rewards)

    Cryptocurrency has the potential to change the way we use money forever it provides enhanced privacy and security, creates freedom from banks and financial institutions and enables effortless cross border transactions. For this digital revolution to truly unfold and gain mass adoption, we need an easy and secure way to spend digital currencies and do it without waiting days for your crypto to convert to cash. And do it without all the huge conversion and exchange fees. Then and only then you can finally use your crypto for every day purchases. Think that sounds good? Well, imagine how it would feel to also earn cash and rewards instantly everytime you…

  • Bitcoin Q&A: Will Bitcoin survive global government intervention & regulation?
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    Bitcoin Q&A: Will Bitcoin survive global government intervention & regulation?

    [AUDIENCE] I work for ProtonMail. I just wanted to ask a question about Bitcoin. [ANDREAS] ProtonMail is awesome. [AUDIENCE] Thank you! Do you believe that Bitcoin can survive government intervention and regulation on a global scale? [ANDREAS] I have never seen global collaboration between countries on regulating anything. [Laughter] If the governments of the world can’t get their asses into gear to deal with global warming, literally an [existential] threat to the tiny little blue lifeboat we are hurtling through the cosmos on, do you think they will get together and agree on Bitcoin? Especially when, strategically, they are all thinking, “If Bitcoin [does well], then I am fucked!” [Laughter]…

  • Universal Access to Basic Finance
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    Universal Access to Basic Finance

    Thank you for coming today. The title of my talk is a misdirection. “Thoughts on the Future of Programmable Money” is just the generic title for every talk I give, and then I change it just before I go on stage. This is all improvisation, folks. I will be talking about universal basic finance. That is the topic of my talk today. At the moment, we are at a crossroads. We are having a great debate about the future of cryptocurrency and finance. A lot of people are expressing some very strong opinions, myself included. The backdrop to all of this, are the people who aren’t in this room and…

  • What is Bitcoin?
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    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin was originally proposed in a white paper written by an anonymous person or persons named Satoshi Nakamoto. The protocol of the actual software was released in 2009 and that’s when the bitcoins were first minted. Bitcoin is issued by a decentralized network. There are a series of protocols just like there are for email that tell computers how to interact with each other. It’s a program that runs like any other, and the network spits out a certain amount of bitcoin every ten minutes. So, in the beginning days it was 50 bitcoin were created every 10 minutes. Currently it’s 12.5 that are created every 10 minutes. Currently in…

  • What is Multisig Technology?
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    What is Multisig Technology?

    We can think of Bitcoin like cash. If I have 100 Bitcoin, they’re all in a Bitcoin address, and that Bitcoin address has a corresponding private key. If I have that private key, I can spend that $100. But that is a lot of power to put in just one little string of letters and numbers. That if I lose, that if I have stolen from me, hacked, all the money associated with it is gone. How do we increase security there? Let’s say I have a balance of $10,000. Instead of having one single key that controls that $10,000, what I do is that I create a Multisig address.…

  • What Does Bitcoin Need to Succeed as a Currency? [POLICYbrief]
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    What Does Bitcoin Need to Succeed as a Currency? [POLICYbrief]

    Cryptocurrency is on the cutting edge of the divide between liberty and the State, between a centralized coercive order and a decentralized voluntary one, and that divide here comes in that most important matter of money. Modern fiat currency, like the dollars in your pocket and bank accounts, is quintessentially a creature of the State. In 1924, Georg Friedrich Knapp, the father of modern monetary theory, wrote, “The soul of currency is not in the material of the pieces, but in the legal ordinances which regulate their use.” Knapp argued that currency must be constituted by law, since only governments can confer the requisite legitimacy to gain acceptance and public…