• Stare Decisis: Overturning Supreme Court Precedents [No. 86]
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    Stare Decisis: Overturning Supreme Court Precedents [No. 86]

    The Supreme Court overturns its precedents rather less often than is thought, and that’s been especially true of the Roberts Court, although, in the last term, the Court overturned three of its precedents, which was quite rare for that Court. It did so in the Janus v. AFSCME case when it overturned the Abood Decision. It did so in the Wayfair case, which involved the taxation of internet sales by out-of-state vendors, which overturned the Quill case, and it did so implicitly at least in Trump v. Hawaii, in which the court found that the infamous Korematsu case was no longer good law. But again, this is an exception where…

  • Medical Marijuana and Money Laundering
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    Medical Marijuana and Money Laundering

    Twenty-nine states have now legalized marijuana for medicinal use and additional states have legalized marijuana for recreational use. But, federally marijuana is illegal in all circumstances in the United States. It’s a schedule one substance under the controlled substances act. That clearly applies to people who are in the marijuana industry but it also applies to those who just nibble around the edges of the industry like banks. Understanding the total value of the marijuana industry is a pretty complex question. Projections of the legal market right now are somewhere in the 5 to 8 billion dollar range per year but as new states come online, both for medical marijuana…