• How to Plant Universal Pansies: Winter/Spring Guide
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    How to Plant Universal Pansies: Winter/Spring Guide

    So Universal pansies, now there’s a perfect plant for that sort of quiet time in the autumn when it’s everything slowly dying away and everything’s settling down for the winter. Universal pansies are coming to their own, their a bit like night time party people are ready to be off, well that’s the Universal pansy, they’re beautiful things are little faces this one yellow and black, peaches, blues, all the colors of the rainbow, and at the quiet time of year, these really shine out to you. You can have baskets and tubs, you can have these garden ready ones are fantastic because these are ready to go in the…

  • #17 Universal studios_Jurassic world/ [Eng sub] My little Christmas tree/ 이제 곧 크리스마스!
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    #17 Universal studios_Jurassic world/ [Eng sub] My little Christmas tree/ 이제 곧 크리스마스!

    My favorite holiday Christmas is coming. I took a Christmas tree out from the garage after Thanksgiving. It’s time to decorate it. Tada~ It’s messy around, but I feel very happy. Twinkle Twinkle~ I’m done decorating, and I think I feel happy from now to Christmas. I got this one the day after Christmas a few years ago from San Juan Capistrano church. I got this mickey mouse ornament from a neighbor before they left who was headed to Korea. I miss her family so much. The cute honey bee was made of a toilet paper core by my second son. My husband made it for me 2 or 3…

  • Universal Extendable Oven Shelf
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    Universal Extendable Oven Shelf

    If you need any extra shelf space in your oven, or you need to replace any of the existing shelves, this universal extendable oven shelf is perfect. It extends from 35cm wide up to 56cm wide. To extend it, you just have to pull the edges. It’s a little bit stiff, but it gets there. And then simply slot into place.

  • Human Incarnation a two component system
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    Human Incarnation a two component system

    When God enters the soul and the body of His most beloved devotee (son of God), that devotee becomes the Human Incarnation. In the Human Incarnation, we find both God and the Son of God mixed with each other in a perfect homogeneous state, so that both are inseparable. The Human Incarnation is like a live wire. The metal wire is the Son of God and the electricity that pervades the wire, through-and-through, is God. The live wire must be treated as electricity itself since there is no alternative way of experiencing the existence of electricity, other than through the live wire. In this context, a misunderstanding arises. The live…

  • Four angles of viewing the Human Incarnation
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    Four angles of viewing the Human Incarnation

    Jesus asked Peter about the opinion of the public about Him. Peter replied that some looked upon Jesus as the Messenger and some looked upon Jesus as the Son of God. Peter said that he looked upon Jesus as God Himself. These three views about the Human Incarnation are always available and they are known as Dvaita, Viśiṣṭādvaita and Advaita respectively. Dvaita is dualism. Viśiṣṭādvaita is qualified monism and Advaita is monism. These three views are applicable to the relation between the soul-component and the God-component of the Human Incarnation. According to these three views, Jesus gave the three statements of His identidy that (1) He is the Messenger of…

  • The Wildest Christmas Party Ever? – December 24th – TimeGhost of Christmas Past – DAY 1
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    The Wildest Christmas Party Ever? – December 24th – TimeGhost of Christmas Past – DAY 1

    December 24 You ever been to a Christmas party that gets out of hand because of a little too much booze? Well in 1826, there was the mother of all Christmas parties gone wrong. This is day one of The TimeGhost of Christmas Past, I’m Indy Neidell It’s Christmas Eve 1826, at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, and several young cadets plan a little Christmas party. Now, consuming alcohol is prohibited at the Academy, so they are to make do with non-alcoholic eggnog. Okay, but eggnog – made with milk, eggs, and cream, a winter tradition, needs brandy, bourdon or some other whiskey to be the…

  • The Christmas Question: Full Documentary
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    The Christmas Question: Full Documentary

    my favorite part of Christmas was definitely the presents giving a gift to a child does something inside that child think about the greatest gift that we have God sent his son into the world and gave His only begotten Son a gift the greatest gift the world has ever seen so Christmas brings that wonderful gospel influence because it’s a Christian holiday it can never be broken from that Christmas was really fun growing up my dad made a big deal about it when we were really really young he used to do this thing where he would dress up like Santa Claus and then he would go on…

  • Universal Studios Japan ☆ Christmas Eve 2016
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    Universal Studios Japan ☆ Christmas Eve 2016

    Hello everyone! Today is Christmas Eve and we decided to visit the Universal Studios (USJ) in Osaka. As you can see around me we are not the only ones here. It will get pretty crowded today. However, I’m excited what will happen today. And I just want to take you with me and show you what you can see here. And I hope you gonna enjoy this video. At the USJ a Minions area will open this year. Already now you can buy many things, can see a lot and visit the Minions shop. One of the main attractions of the USJ still is the Harry Potter area. For this…

  • Grinchmas At Universal Studios Hollywood
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    Grinchmas At Universal Studios Hollywood

    hello everybody today we’re at Universal Studios Hollywood and it’s Christmas time wow this place is amazing we’re in Whoville I see the California to the wrong location buddy no give you free expedited thank you so much what do you want Noah second stone that okay let’s kids there’s some et okay we have to do it that looks amazing donut thank you so much they’re good might be good daddy’s chopping it down please like the Simpson donut well what happens at 5:30 of life we’re coming for you dreams here we go you know what hello mr. grant how are you I’m very good I like your…

  • E.T. Commercial – A Holiday Reunion Xfinity 2019
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    E.T. Commercial – A Holiday Reunion Xfinity 2019

    music: E.T. theme (kids playing in the distance) (sfx: footsteps in snow) (sfx: electrical outtage) (sfx: dogs barking in the distance) music: E.T. theme (sfx: toy train and toy fire engine) (sfx: electrical outtage) sfx: wooden gate opening kids: screaming E.T. Screaming>>E.T. Elliot? Elliot: Ha!>>E.T. Elliot!>>Elliot: You came back. My son… my family. Lots changed since you were here.>>Boy: It’s called the internet. (family laughing)>>Boy: Go ahead, do it, eat it.>>E.T.: Mmmmmm (family laughing)>>Boy: I’m gonna hit start now, OK?>>E.T.: aaaaahhhhh T-Rex (growl & rawr) E.T. & Boy: Wooow music:>>I’m dreaming of a white Christmas (kids giggling) music: with every Christmas card I love.>>Elliot: Holiday movies (music) and may all…