• Del Mar College Constitution Day Lecture
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    Del Mar College Constitution Day Lecture

    – This is Constitution Day. And welcome. Why are we here? Well, what is Constitution Day? Pretty obvious question. But it commemorates the formation and signing of the United States Constitution by the Founding Fathers this very day in 1787. And it also is aimed at recognizing those people who are born in the United States and like myself by naturalization who have become citizens. So everyone by themselves celebrate being a citizen. I’m a two-year citizen. So this is almost to the day that I’ve been two years down the road of being a U.S. citizen. Why are we having the event? Well, we can thank the late Senator…

  • Thinking Matters: Justice and the Constitution
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    Thinking Matters: Justice and the Constitution

    [MUSIC] There are three really large and really important values, liberty, equality, and security. There’s lots of different ways of understanding not merely what the value is but then how to relate the values to each other. And so the class when we teach justice and the constitution is navigating between these abstract values and how to understand them and how they’re actually implemented or, constructed within the law.>>Right. And we did this with actual US Supreme Court cases complicated debates around affirmative action.>>Mm-hm. >>What is means to, provide opportunities for traditionally disadvantaged groups, whether or not that is somehow constraining liberty, whether or not it provides equality in a…

  • Missouri Government and Politics: Lecture 3 – Constitution
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    Missouri Government and Politics: Lecture 3 – Constitution

    (jazzy electronic music) – Well, welcome back. We’ve talked about political ideology, Missouri being a conservative state. We’ve also talked about political culture in terms of Missouri being an individualistic and traditionalistic state. Before we get started on the constitution, does anybody have any questions for the material that we’ve covered? Carlos? No. I don’t know where the rumor started about snakes in this building but there are no snakes in the building. We’re on the third floor. If there were snakes in the building, they would be in the basement. So I don’t think you have anything to worry about. But, anyway, don’t worry about it. What I want…

  • Star Trek: Constitution Class Starship (USS Enterprise) – Spacedock
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    Star Trek: Constitution Class Starship (USS Enterprise) – Spacedock

    In the centuries since the founding of the United Federation of Planets, dozens of starship designs have played crucial roles in the storied history of the Federation, but one vessel in particular stands far above all others, a starship that has burned its legend into the cultural memory of every Federation citizen, and become a lasting symbol of innovation and discovery on every Federation world. The illustrious Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser. At a length of 288.6 Meters, the distinctive frame of the Constitution Class represents the standard against which all future Federation Starships would be measured, presenting a cylindrical secondary hull, fixed to a durable saucer section, and a pair…