• Love Rewind: An Intervention Update || STEVE HARVEY
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    Love Rewind: An Intervention Update || STEVE HARVEY

    – I was dating a guy off and on for a year and a half, and I blocked him last summer because he didn’t want to go further with the relationship, I’m looking for marriage and children. Fast forward, he got in a really bad car accident over the holidays, and so I unblocked him, to check on him to see how he was. So since then, he’s like randomly hit me up for career advice, real estate advice ’cause he values my opinion, but he doesn’t say, hey, how are you Dawn? And then ask me the advice, so I’m wondering, is he just trying to throw out bait…

  • Staging an Intervention On Air (feat. Shane Torres) – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder
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    Staging an Intervention On Air (feat. Shane Torres) – The Bonfire w/ Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder

    – Thursday I get to go– – Could be here tomorrow. – To the Gary Clark Jr. Show – Yeah Thursday. – We all meet up at the Beacon, Lou comes, the words you never wanna hear before a hang, he goes “I was drinking with Merc Face before he came here.” – Ohhhhh, primed Lewitski that means he’s. – That’s fucking arm freckle drinking, you know what I mean? (heavy guitar music) (fire crackling) – Who all went to the show? – It was five of us which was very cool of him to hook us up like that. – It’s great. – It was me, Christine, DJ Lou,…

  • The Show Tonight: Fashion Intervention
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    The Show Tonight: Fashion Intervention

    – Now, we have a video, and it’s Jim Barry, who’s just gonna stay out of the way, and Joseph Milazzo, the bass player, from The Show Tonight. There he is, he’ll find me, and myself, we got together. Joe thought we were just gonna get some lunch, but we had some other plans. And so here’s what went down. (soft guitar) – [Narrator] About the only argument Joe Milazzo expected was where they’d be eating lunch. But the boys felt that old denim vest’s best days were behind it, and on this afternoon, it was time for an intervention. A good ol’ fashioned fashion intervention. (audience laughs) (upbeat music)…

  • Drew Lynch Intervention
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    Drew Lynch Intervention

    Mesa: My name is Mesa, I’m Drew Lynch’s assistant and I’m making this video because Drew needs help His pants are out of control. I’ve worked with Drew for years and when I first met him he was a pretty normal guy, but then he found those pants and something about him changed. He wears them all the time. I’ve never seen a grown man throw a tantrum Until the time that I tried to hide his pants. “Drew, come on, we need to get ready for the show” Drew: Not without my pants! Mesa: I’ve reached out to his friends. Kenny: Drew’s one of my best friends and I…

  • Frank Liotti | Confederate Fag | Listen Now
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    Frank Liotti | Confederate Fag | Listen Now

    Like, I had to write a word problem for my niece… My niece had to do math homework. Dick and Jane, and peaches and apples, you know what I’m talking about. I thought it would be cute to use my adult biography… to help my niece Alexandra with her math homework. Frank had 4 funerals in 5 years and bought 3 suits. If he started at a 42 regular, and gained 13 pounds after each tragedy. What size tarp did Frank wear to the last service?

  • 6 Non Smokers | Full Length | HD | Free on Youtube | Comedy Film
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    6 Non Smokers | Full Length | HD | Free on Youtube | Comedy Film

    Welcome, Doctor Caldwell and Doctor Powell. It is an honor. Thank you, Commander. [Dominguez] Why have you come here?   That’s quite simple. To end the bloodshed. I am not stupid, doctor. I know you have come to make peace between us and Gustavo Miraflores. But truly you must know that so long as air fills our lungs and blood courses through our veins that there can never be peace with la beastia, Gustavo Miraflores. Even you, the famous Doctor Henry Caldwell, the greatest peacemaker in the world, cannot change that. I believe I can. Is he serious, Doctor Powell? Does your colleague truly believe what he says? If he…

  • Snacks From Spain Delivered To Your Door! – Universal Yums
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    Snacks From Spain Delivered To Your Door! – Universal Yums

    with Universal young snack box every bite is like a vacation for your mouth is that the staff pack featuring tasty treats from around the world you bet your Brazilian bacon tip it is Missy each month we get a selection of fantastic flavors from a different country and its allure right to our door okay don’t steal mommy’s limelight broaden your horizons with an educational booklet included in every box maybe then you won’t fail history, Dave what country is this month? Spain! The box starts at only $14 with free shipping now that’s what I call cheap airfare this is crazy. Crazy good, wait I’m infront of a…

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    Hi, I’m all Elle Mills and my brother’s been acting extremely douchey recently. So today, I’m holding an intervention. Jay, please take a seat. Do you know why we gathered here today? Why? Are you really that stupid? Today I gathered some of your loved ones to talk about an issue Do you know why we’re having an intervention? It’s because you’re a douche bag Oh, fair enough. Do you know you’re a douche bag? Yeah Okay good. Okay, so today we’ve gathered some testimonials about how your douchiness has affected everyone. First we’re gonna do Simon. Simon why don’t you stand forward. Shut up Jay. THIS IS A SERIOUS…

  • Local Cricket Intervention
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    Local Cricket Intervention

    – All right boys. What’s going on here? Hang on. Might have one too many inside the circle here boys. – Hammy, just take a seat please mate. – Sure, where do you want me to take it? – Hammy, sit down. This is an intervention. – Look Flem, if this is about the incident with the grip cone, I can explain. – Eww! (grip cone clanging) – Now the boys want you to know, they love you very, very much. – They can at least buy me dinner first. – And they understand it’s probably gonna end quite hard. – That’s what she said. – See Flem, this is…

  • Chef Image Intervention | Torontopia
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    Chef Image Intervention | Torontopia

    (rock music) – Alright, what was so important that you need me to come in four hours early? – [Garrett] Alright Danny, we need to talk. – Wait, what’s going on? – Sit down, Daniel. – Look, is this about the Kraft dinner sides just ’cause I know you all said smaller portions– – Danny, it’s not about the Kraft dinner! It’s about your image. (melancholy guitar) (chefs muttering) – Your image. – Or lack thereof. – My image? What’s wrong with my image? – What’s wrong with your image? Look at you! You don’t have a single tattoo. No piercings, that dumb hat! Do you even wanna be a…