• Universal Credit: a guide for landlords
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    Universal Credit: a guide for landlords

    We understand how important it is to build good relationships with your tenants. If you have a tenant that is claiming or needs to claim Universal Credit, you can help and support them along the way. You can find the ‘Universal Credit and rented housing: guide for landlords’ on gov.uk by searching ‘Universal Credit and landlords’ Depending on your tenant’s circumstances some may need more help than others. You can signpost your tenant to the Citizens Advice Help to Claim service by going to www.citizensadvice.org.uk/helptoclaim The Help to Claim service offers tailored, practical support to help people make a Universal Credit claim up to receiving their first full correct payment.…

  • Is Universal Credit for me?
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    Is Universal Credit for me?

    Is Universal Credit for me? Universal Credit is already providing financial support to millions of people across the country. It replaces a number of different benefits and combines them into one monthly payment to help towards things like housing costs and household bills. You may be able to claim Universal Credit if you’re out of work or on a low income, are a single parent or full time carer or if you have a health condition or disability. If you can work, then you can also get support finding and applying for jobs. If you can’t work at the moment Universal Credit can continue to support you. And if you…

  • What is Universal Credit?
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    What is Universal Credit?

    These are: Universal credit is paid monthly into your bank or credit union account and can include housing costs to help you pay your rent. This means you’re responsible for paying your full rent to Together Housing In some areas, single people like Tariq can claim universal credit. In other areas couples like Josie and Dan and families like the Ryans can also claim. Over the next two years the government is rolling out the universal credit full or digital service When this happens in your area more people will be able to make new claims for universal credit instead of those other six benefits. If you are already on…

  • WYCUP – Cooperation Among Cooperatives – Sicredi Confederation – Felipe Sessin
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    WYCUP – Cooperation Among Cooperatives – Sicredi Confederation – Felipe Sessin

    Hi, my name is Felipe Sessin. I’m a Shared Services Manager at Sicredi, and now I´ll tell how I helped our company drive operational excellence through a Shared Services strategy. Organized under a single operational framework, Sicredi is a Brazilian Credit Union System with more than 2.5 million members, 1,200 local branches and over 16 thousand employees. Within our governance structure we have a company called Sicredi Confederation which is responsible for providing IT and Backoffice Services in scale to all the Sicredi System. Knowing that our Shared Services could become one of Sicredi’s competitive advantages, in 2011 I started to lead a program called “Operational Excellence”. Through this program,…

  • President Obama Town Hall on Credit Cards
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    President Obama Town Hall on Credit Cards

    (applause and cheering) The President: Hello! Hello, New Mexico. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much, everybody. Please, have a seat. Have a seat. Thank you so much. What a wonderful welcome. It’s good to be back in New Mexico. (applause) It’s always nice to get out of Washington for a while — (applause) — and come to places like Rio Rancho. (applause) The climate’s nice, the conversation’s nice, people are nice. It is just wonderful to be here. We’ve got a few special guests that I want to acknowledge here. First of all, a great friend, one of the finest governors in the country — please…

  • New credit legislation to ease consumer financial protection
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    New credit legislation to ease consumer financial protection

    yeah so I think there’s two vital components of this legislation one is hopefully it just raises awareness for American consumers out there that they have the options to freeze their credit files – it also lowers the expense of freezing your credit file currently anyone in the United States who has credit could freeze their credit file in the Commonwealth of Virginia that would currently cost you ten dollars per credit reporting agency we have three main credit reporting agencies we have Equifax TransUnion and Experian so it costs a consumer $30 in starting September 21st that goes from $30 down to $0 the main way that it protects…

  • The Financial Frontier: Financial Freedom, Payday Lending, & “Operation Choke Point” [Fourth Branch]
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    The Financial Frontier: Financial Freedom, Payday Lending, & “Operation Choke Point” [Fourth Branch]

    Can the government target legitimate businesses simply because it doesn’t approve of the industry? Payday loans, pornography, surveillance equipment, tobacco sales. There are unlawful businesses listed there. Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point. Over the course of Operation Choke Point, we lost 21 banking relationships. This label — “Operation Choke Point” — was taken wildly out of context. The government was trying to do its job. Payday loans are very controversial but what is the borrower’s next best option? There are worse things than a payday loan and the borrower always has the choice to not take a loan. Payday loans are very controversial. While they are…