• Meaningful Mental Health 1 – Crisis Intervention
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    Meaningful Mental Health 1 – Crisis Intervention

    hello and welcome to meaningful mental health I’m your host Cheryl August today we will be taking a closer look into our assumptions and beliefs around mental health and substance use this segment is about crisis intervention we’re going to the streets to see what people think about mental health and substance use going to you Cat and Gustavo thanks Cheryl we’re here today Thursday beautiful day at the Marin County Farmers Market in San Rafael asking folks in the community questions about mental health awareness what would you like to see in Marin County as far as mental health resources that maybe we don’t have probably housing I think…

  • TRNN Debate: Is Humanitarian Intervention in Syria Justified?
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    TRNN Debate: Is Humanitarian Intervention in Syria Justified?

    JAISAL NOOR: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jaisal Noor in Baltimore. Over 140,000 people have died in Syria. That’s according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. More than 2.4 million refugees have fled the country and 6 million remain internally displaced since protests erupted against Bashar al-Assad in March 2011. The UN passed a resolution demanding Syrian authorities stop restricting access for delivery of humanitarian aid. As options appear limited for resolving the humanitarian crisis, does military intervention have a role in helping Syrians? Now joining us to debate this is two guests. We’re joined by Danny Postel. He’s an associate director of the Center for Middle…

  • Pelosi says U.S. in ‘constitutional crisis’
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    Pelosi says U.S. in ‘constitutional crisis’

    -Can you update us on when you will schedule the contempt vote on AG Barr? And, also, do you agree with Chairman Nadler that the country is currently in a constitutional crisis? -Yes, I do agree with Chairman Nadler, because the Administration has decided that they are not going to honor their oath of office. Now he’s staked out — because he has seen so much in the committee, the committee work. I’m very proud of the Judiciary Committee and the work that they have done. In terms of timing, when we’re ready, we’ll come to the floor. And we’ll just see, because there might be some other contempt-of-Congress issues…

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    What It Takes To Have A Constitutional Crisis | Ron’s Office Hours | NPR

    Just what does it take to have a constitutional crisis? “This could precipitate a constitutional crisis.” “… prompting a constitutional crisis.” “… a major constitutional crisis.” “Constitutional crisis” “Constitutional crisis” You could say that the Constitution is something of an owners manual for taxpayers. And like a lot of owners manuals, it can lead to a lot of frustration. Among the things the Constitution doesn’t have is a precise legal definition of constitutional crisis. And so the phrase constitutional crisis is meant to mean a moment when the Constitution is not enough to resolve a question or a conflict or a confrontation or an uncertainty. And this can happen for…

  • How Federalism Saved Us From Wall Street
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    How Federalism Saved Us From Wall Street

    Our federal system sometimes gets bad press from the Electoral College to the way healthcare functions there are frequent calls to revise and even scrap the system’s that divide power between the national government and the individual state governments Washington DC is always ready take on new powers. We often hear about positive developments new national powers led to. What we don’t often hear about is all the trouble that our federalized system has saved us from today would like to tell one of those stories. You all know about the evils of our current financial system of too big to fail banks. The roots of that system go much…