• December 15: Bill & Ted’s Rights: Lisa Arch
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    December 15: Bill & Ted’s Rights: Lisa Arch

    that you want me, want me to keep talking about stuff Now Today in 1941 President Franklin D Roosevelt declared December fifteenth to be bill of rights day the bill of rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the constitution serving to protect the natural rights of liberty and property originally when it was ratified today in seventeen ninety one it was only for white men sort of like Ted Haggard’s parties uh… today big day for towers because gustavo eiffel was born in eighteen thirty two and because in 2001 the leaning tower of Pisa reopened after eleven years of renovations and even though 27…

  • History of the Indian Republic Day
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    History of the Indian Republic Day

    Today 26th January 2020, is Republic Day. Today on 26th January 1950, the Indian Constitution was adopted. Because of the Indian Constitution, citizens now have the power to elect their leaders such as President, Prime minister, etc. India was no longer being ruled by the British Queen and was completely independent. So how was the Constitution created? What was the process and its history? Let me tell you. After a long struggle India finally gained independence. However sadly there were no laws that would enable the citizens elect their leaders. It became very difficult who would govern the country. Queen Elizabeth’s husband King George VI would help govern India just…

  • Universal Studios Vlog
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    Universal Studios Vlog

    Hello everyone! We are on vacation in Florida. Orlando What is sign for this? That is interesting * talk to my little sister* What? Oh. Good morning! First day of vacation! ride roller coaster. Do fun something. Now we going to get breakfast. Yesterday, i feel exhausted because outside is really hot. The temperature is 91 F Now it is worse than before. See you later. Pool day!!!!

  • Dans le monde de Harry Potter à Universal Studios Hollywood
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    Dans le monde de Harry Potter à Universal Studios Hollywood

    Six years later, I’m back to my favourite theme park: Universal Studios Hollywood. Why Universal Studios Hollywood is my favourite theme park? When I was a kid, I received a postcard from my uncle who was on vacation in the United States. In fact, I didn’t receive it by post, he brought it to me in person. There was no stamp on the postcard and he didn’t remember my address. This postcard really made me dream when I was a kid because it was holographic, there was the DeLorean from Back to the Future, a dinosaur… not sure it’s the one from Jurassic Park, but a dinosaur and a lot…

  • Une journée à Universal Studios Hollywood
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    Une journée à Universal Studios Hollywood

    Previously on Destination Fun, I came back to Universal Studios Hollywood. My goal is to try and discover all the attractions that didn’t exist during my last visit six years ago. After visiting the world of Harry Potter, I am now ready to discover the colourful worlds of The Simpsons and Minions. From all the lands of the park, I think the one I prefer is this one: Springfield, the land of The Simpsons. It’s colourful, it’s happy and then it’s The Simpsons. I take you to the best places to have fun around the world. Subscribe to join the adventure. Only one destination: fun! Here in the land of…

  • Cenk of The Young Turks on MSNBC Debates Confederate History Month & More (4/7/2010)
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    Cenk of The Young Turks on MSNBC Debates Confederate History Month & More (4/7/2010)

    president is seriously considering unveiling his own plan for many staged ending decades of conflict in his plan in his mind between israelis and palestinians on the washington post reports of the plan could be announced by autumn of this year it would drop of the previously incremental approach if you want to call our recent approach that in favor of a more ambitious plan embracing borders the right of return for palestinian refugees the status of jerusalem they all say the plan would have the size confronting iran which of course is at the top of israel are the israeli governments concerns uh… here to mix it up blogger…