• Is Democracy Better Than Islamic Governance?
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    Is Democracy Better Than Islamic Governance?

    Is democracy the ideal form of government? this is something that Muslims have to think about very carefully. we hear from our context in the modern day about how democracy is supposed to be the best form of government, the most just form of government, but this claim can create doubt for Muslims. why? because democracy is not something that is advocated explicitly within the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wa sallam. the Prophet didn’t establish a representational democracy in Medina The rightly guided caliphs didn’t establish a kind of democratic system with branches of government and so forth. so if this is the best form…

  • Samvidhaan – Episode 8/10
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    Samvidhaan – Episode 8/10

    Except for the empires of Ashoka and Aurangzeb, India was never as large geographically as in the British Raj. There were nearly 552 princely states allied to the British. When the time came for freedom from the British empire, many of these States wanted to remain independent while the Muslim League wanted a separate region for Muslims. If this wasn’t possible, the League demanded that India be partitioned into a Hindu-majority and two Muslim majority regions, each loosely connected to the Centre. A strange map of India was emerging. Besides these two assemblies, what about our demand for a sovereign independent Pakistan? Janab Qaid-e-Azam, if we succeed in making these…

  • Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14
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    Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14

    Hi I’m John Green. This is Crash Course U.S. history and today, after last week’s bummer on slavery, we turn to a happier topic: the rise of democratization in the U.S. This was also known as the Age of Jackson, no Stan, not that Jackson. No, no, Stan, come’on seriously. No not, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. YES. That Jackson. Andrew Jackson. intro …Sorry, I just had to check my collar. Right, so you’ll recall that the initial democracy of the United States wasn’t terribly democratic—almost all voters were white male land owners. Mr. Green, Mr. Green. That’s just radically unfair. Exactly, Me from…

  • Protecting our rights
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    Protecting our rights

    BRIAN COSTAR: Australia generally and Victoria in particular does democracy and has done democracy very well over the years. The 1856 Constitution of Victoria was a very democratic constitution particularly as it related to the Lower House. It was a bit fuzzier up in the upper chamber. We however, while we do democracy better than the Americans do, I think they still do rights better than we do. Now there is passion generated over whether we need charters of rights, Victoria has one of course, a couple of other states do, a couple of others are thinking about it, the Commonwealth is thinking about it. I don’t think there’s any…

  • The ‘Nightmare’ of a Tweeting President
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    The ‘Nightmare’ of a Tweeting President

    The idea of a tweeting president would have been a Madisonian dystopia. Madison said in Federalist Ten that direct communication between representatives and their constituents was an evil to be avoided because it could hasten mob rule. Think of the president’s tweets. And this is not just President Trump; President Obama was the first tweeting president. Insulting people, putting them down, angrily denouncing them. The American founders Madison and Hamilton fear that mobs, or factions as they call them, were mobilized when they’re animated by passion rather than reason. And to the degree that social media technology makes it possible to have instant polls and to aggregate mobilized minorities or…

  • What did democracy really mean in Athens? – Melissa Schwartzberg
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    What did democracy really mean in Athens? – Melissa Schwartzberg

    Hey, congratulations! You’ve just won the lottery, only the prize isn’t cash or a luxury cruise. It’s a position in your country’s national legislature. And you aren’t the only lucky winner. All of your fellow lawmakers were chosen in the same way. This might strike you as a strange way to run a government, let alone a democracy. Elections are the epitome of democracy, right? Well, the ancient Athenians who coined the word had another view. In fact, elections only played a small role in Athenian democracy, with most offices filled by random lottery from a pool of citizen volunteers. Unlike the representative democracies common today, where voters elect leaders…

  • Delegated Legislation – Democracy Threatened? Part Two: Step-by-step Essay Guide
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    Delegated Legislation – Democracy Threatened? Part Two: Step-by-step Essay Guide

    Hi, there. Welcome back to the step-by-step guide on how to write an A Level Law essay. If you haven’t seen my first video on Statutory Interpretation, I would recommend that you do so as it is an introductory video to my channel and how my video guides work. Before we begin, please note that this video guide will be most effective for you if you already have some basic knowledge of the relevant chapters that I will be discussing. As this is the second part of the video guide, I will be going through the whole written essay with you and then explain the workings as I go along.…

  • The U.S.-India Comparative Constitutional Debate | Highlights
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    The U.S.-India Comparative Constitutional Debate | Highlights

    Here we are at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies in Kochi. This is a comparative constitutional debate between the U.S. and Indian Constitutions. Seeing so many young people from throughout South India come here to compete in this competition in Kerala. We went through three rounds of debates. We have a population of over 147,000 people. Certain set of principles and beliefs and values on them There were about 60 students who competed and finally at the end of the day we announced the top four winners. I got engaged with a lot of issues in constitutional law, moral puzzles so to say and it was exhilarating. Very…