• What does effective intervention look like?
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    What does effective intervention look like?

    “Effective instructional environments clearly can prevent learning disabilities, particularly when they’re done in Kindergarten, grade one. You can even start in preschool. In preschool we should have oral language curriculums that include exercises that involve attention to parts of words like rhyming for example, so the child learns to listen to internal sounds that words would make. I’m not talking about teaching phonics to for four-year-olds or anything of that sort. I think actually exposure to a broader oral language curriculum for all children. But particularly children who are at risk, because they go to head start, or title one schools, or things of that sort are particularly important. In…

  • Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo
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    Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo

    In its simplest form, writing is recording. But the best writing goes deeper. It comes from the human desire to communicate, to take an idea and express it for others to take in. What is Mona Lisa thinking about? I remember the day, how it affected my spirit. But for some people, the words don’t come out right. There is a wall between idea and expression. Grammar and spelling get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. That’s where CoWriter comes in. CoWriter sharpens writing like eyeglasses sharpen poor vision. They traveled 240,000 miles from Earth, and now CoWriter Universal works on just about any device you write with.…

  • Inside a Dyslexia Intervention | Reading Strategies for Struggling Readers
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    Inside a Dyslexia Intervention | Reading Strategies for Struggling Readers

    Inside a reading intervention. What helps struggling students learn how to read? Which techniques are especially helpful for kids with dyslexia? This video gives an inside look at a structured literacy intervention for grade-schoolers and middle-schoolers. 90-second overview. A reading intervention is a very focused, intentional, instructional period of time where some data has pointed to the fact that a child, or in this case, a group of children, are struggling with some aspect of reading, and so we want to go deeper with what those aspects are, and we want to really teach explicitly those pieces of reading that they might struggle with. Reading intervention is different than getting…

  • Cellfield. Lynnette talks about the Cellfield dyslexia intervention.
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    Cellfield. Lynnette talks about the Cellfield dyslexia intervention.

    I am Lynnette Dewes and this is Evie Dewes. At the beginning of the year just before school started we did a Cellfield course for Evie and her older brother Ryan who is 14 and Evie‘s 12. The Cellfield course went really well. Ryan has very bad dyslexia and he has had a huge improvement in lots of things, not just practically, but he is so much more confident now. He really loves reading his hunting magazines instead of just looking at the pictures, he actually reads the articles, he reads his recipes. He loves cooking so he is reading his recipes himself. Evie’s dyslexia was not quite so bad…