• A Republic
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    A Republic

    The Framers emerged from four months of secrecy with the first national Constitution ever put to paper. Well, Dr. Franklin, what have you given us? Well, sir, a republic, if you can keep it. For the first time in history, men invented a government. But what kind of government was it? I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands… That’s right. A republic. There had been republics in the past, and it was assumed that we would have a republic of some form here. And that republic would be structured so as to prevent the majority from oppressing…

  • RELIGION 1/6 (Distortion of the Universal Truth)
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    RELIGION 1/6 (Distortion of the Universal Truth)

    When an enlightened person teaches Dhamma, he teaches a Universal Dhamma it never is sectarian Universal Dhamma Eternal Dhamma The law of nature is eternal It was there so in the past it is so present it will be so in the future and it is applicable to one and all That is Dhamma But out of madness, out of ignorance people forget the essence of Dhamma and they make a sect out of it This sect, or this sect, or this sect From the young age one gets the mind conditioned, conditioned, conditioned… With all those acceptances all those philosophies beliefs, dogmas. Then these very words will start carrying…

  • 2020 WA Legislative Session Weekly Digest – Week 8
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    2020 WA Legislative Session Weekly Digest – Week 8

    Hi, this is Dave Mastin with our Legislative Weekly update. A lot going on with the House and the Senate coming out with their budgets. We see more spending for special education—more for counselors. A lot of good things in the budget this year. We’re looking for to the next two weeks for the legislature to round that up and finish on time and have a lot more funding in education. At the beginning of the session we talked about the Governor’s budget and how the Governor put out the budget— Now we’re towards the end of session the and the House and the Senate have both come out with…

  • Breathlessness Intervention Services Research at UniSA
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    Breathlessness Intervention Services Research at UniSA

    Hello, I’m Maureen, and I’ve got a lung condition, so I’ve got terrible trouble with my breathing. My doctors say my lung function is stable, and my medication is right – so nothing else can be done. It feels hopeless. But at my last appointment, I met Mary. She asked if we’d be interested in a brief, home-based Breathlessness Intervention Service she was starting for the first time in South Australia with the help of a grant. I certainly was. I wasn’t sure what to expect when Mary and Kylie came to my house – but I did most of the talking! and they really listened. Mary showed me how…

  • Who is L.M. Montgomery?
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    Who is L.M. Montgomery?

    This is the unlikely story of a young girl born on a rural island in the far reaches of Eastern Canada at the end of the 19th century. That young girl would go on to become a Canadian icon, an international bestseller, and the beloved creator of Anne of Green Gables. Her work would inspire literary pilgrimages, bringing people from around the world to Prince Edward Island. It would also inspire countless adaptations in TV, in film, and now in new media. L.M. Montgomery began writing at a young age. By age nine she was keeping journals in which she reflected her feelings and her life in Cavendish, Prince Edward…

  • Basic income: Could cash handouts revitalize the economy? | Chris Hughes | Big Think
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    Basic income: Could cash handouts revitalize the economy? | Chris Hughes | Big Think

    Universal basic income and guaranteed income are really inspired by the same values, that idea that everybody should have the dignity and freedom to pursue their dreams, to figure out what they want to do with their time. Oftentimes the UBI is talked about these days at least in the context of the rise of the robots and pending technical unemployment as a lot of people call it. And my view is that very well may happen, there’s also a good argument by a lot of economists and other folks that this time is not different. What we know is that the future is already here and work and jobs…