• Quincy Democratic City Committee Canidates Forum – October 29, 2019
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    Quincy Democratic City Committee Canidates Forum – October 29, 2019

    pretty everybody thank you so much for coming out on such a dreary evening it’s much appreciated to see the citizen participation my name is Alicia Gardner and I’m the citywide tier the Quincy Dems quitting Democratic City Committee and we are proud to offer the people in the audience and viewers at home a chance to hear from the candidates will be on the ballot which is next Tuesday which is November 5th so let’s hope for a better day next Tuesday and what I wanted to do is that one stop I thank you the school department for allowing us to use you to use this beautiful auditorium…

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    The Cost of Multiculturalism – Maxime Bernier and Salim Mansur

    I’m Robert Vaughan Salim Mansur’s campaign manager and the master of ceremonies tonight though I won’t be speaking for very long because we have of course Maxime in the room and of course Salim will be after I speak for just a little bit Salim will come up and if you haven’t known he is the one who wrote the book on multiculturalism it’s called Delectable LIe a Liberal Repudiation of Multiculturalism and that is what the speech is or the policy releases is tonight is the cost of multiculturalism a policy that began as you may know with Pierre Elliott Trudeau continued on successively by every single party who…