• How do US Supreme Court justices get appointed? – Peter Paccone
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    How do US Supreme Court justices get appointed? – Peter Paccone

    There’s a job out there with a great deal of power, pay, prestige, and near-perfect job security. And there’s only one way to be hired: get appointed to the US Supreme Court. If you want to become a justice on the Supreme Court, the highest federal court in the United States, three things have to happen. You have to be nominated by the president of the United States, your nomination needs to be approved by the Senate, and finally, the president must formally appoint you to the court. Because the Constitution doesn’t specify any qualifications, in other words, that there’s no age, education, profession, or even native-born citizenship requirement, a…

  • Scalia: Portrait of a Man & Jurist [Excerpt]
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    Scalia: Portrait of a Man & Jurist [Excerpt]

    My hand is on a, if you get real close you can see the title, it’s The Federalist and above that is uh, uh Webster’s Second International Dictionary. I don’t like the Third. And behind that is the wedding portrait of Maureen. And down at the bottom is uh, is uh, uh a well-known, uh, portrait of Thomas More. He is one of my, one of my heroes. It’s a tradition, uh, at the Court, to have the law clerks of the justice commission a portrait which will be hung at the Court when the justice dies or retires. He was a principled man. He was a man of faith,…