• Can Employers Discriminate Against Americans? [POLICYbrief]
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    Can Employers Discriminate Against Americans? [POLICYbrief]

    The recent lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice has to do with a company that is based in Loveland, Colorado, and the Department of Justice is suing the company because they believe that it is unfairly discriminating against US citizens, and preferring to hire seasonal workers who happen not to be citizens. The Immigration and Nationalities Act governs immigration policy in the US, but the relevant part of the act that is involved in this particular suit, has to do with a prohibition against discriminating against an employee based on that person’s national origin, or their citizenship status. And it was originally passed, primarily to protect people who did…

  • 2018 Supreme Court Preview at Georgetown Law
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    2018 Supreme Court Preview at Georgetown Law

    – Well, welcome, everybody, to our annual press preview. And I’ll just start with a very brief opening remarks before, and to set up the format for what we’re going to do, and then we’ll get started with the cases, and, well, actually, we’ll get started with something else. But last term was a term of blockbusters, most of which fizzled out. This term, by contrast, doesn’t have any blockbusters to begin with. (audience laughs) But I think a more accurate caption for this term is the calm before the storm. We are headed for a whole new world, and the only real questions, I think, is how far are…