• Obeying Authority | Unethical Psychology
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    Obeying Authority | Unethical Psychology

    Old school psychology is a lot of fun. Learning about the old experiments where they’d trick the participants into doing something silly is probably the first thing that hooks people. It’s even more fun when you can spot those effects in the real world… You just flinched, didn’t you? Congratulations, you’ve just been conditioned, there won’t be any more beeps after this, you can adjust your volume. Pavlov’s Dog, Skinner’s Box, and even social experiments on conformity, where a participant knowingly gives the wrong answer in order to fit in with all of the wrong people around them are hilarious and interesting enough that they’re taught in every Intro Psych…

  • Libertarianism Explained: What Are Rights? – Learn Liberty
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    Libertarianism Explained: What Are Rights? – Learn Liberty

    What are natural rights? Well what are rights in the first place? Most generally, rights are moral concepts that establish the conditions within which we interact. When we say you can’t do that, we might mean that it’s literally impossible to do it, but we might also mean simply that to do it would be wrong. When we invoke rights, we’re insisting on a certain kind of interaction not because another kind is impossible but because another kind would be wrong. That’s why we can speak of violating someone’s rights. You can’t make a round square means it can’t be done. You can’t kill Fred means it would be wrong…

  • EDC Conference // Douglas NeJaime, “The Constitution of Parenthood”
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    EDC Conference // Douglas NeJaime, “The Constitution of Parenthood”

    David Velleman: Our next speaker is Douglas NeJaime. Did I get that right? Douglas NeJaime: Perfect. Velleman: Wonderful. He is the Anne Urowsky Professor of Law at Yale Law School where he teaches in the areas of family law, legal ethics, law and sexuality, and constitutional law. He was formerly at UCLA where he was the faculty leader of the… NeJaime: Williams. Velleman: Williams Institute on LGBT law. Yes? And his title is [pause]. NeJaime: The Constitution of Parenthood. Velleman: The Constitution of Parenthood! Sorry, making you do your own introduction. [Audience Applause] Thanks, so thanks to David for inviting me and thanks to Amy for organizing my participation. So…

  • A Conversation About Research Ethics
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    A Conversation About Research Ethics

    Hi my name is James Arvanitakis. I’m the Dean of the Graduate Research School here at Western Sydney University. Welcome to our videos on ethical research. In this Part 1 we look at ethics as a process and some of the philosophical approaches you need to take. My name is Dr Tinashe Dune and i’m a lecturer in interprofessional health sciences and my research focuses on cultural diversity, marginalization and sexual and reproductive health, so the intersections between all of those things put together and how that influences health outcomes for people across Australia and across the world. So my research area is genetics and molecular biology and I do…

  • Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34
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    Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

    Thomas Aquinas was no dummy. Remember him? The Italian fella? Christian monk? Philosophical superstar of the 13th century? Aquinas thought morality was important for everyone, and that being a good person was a vital part of God’s plan for each of us. But he knew that not everyone had been exposed to the Bible, or had even heard of God. So, what bothered him was: How could people follow God’s moral rules – also known as the divine commands – if they didn’t even know about the guy who made the commandments? Aquinas just couldn’t believe that God would have expectations for us, if he didn’t also give us –…

  • Debate: ABA Model Rule 8.4
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    Debate: ABA Model Rule 8.4

    I’m going to introduce our moderator for today’s panel, Judge Lavenski Smith, of the Eighth Circuit. Judge Smith is a native Arkansan. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with both his BA and JD. He started off his political career representing indigent dependents at the Ozark Legal Services, and he quickly moved into public service at the Arkansas Public Service Commission. In 1999, Governor Mike Huckabee appointed him to the Arkansas Supreme Court, and in 2001 President George W. Bush appointed him to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. And we’re really lucky to have Judge Smith here today because next week he’s taking over the Chief Judge spot…

  • 9. The Mixed Regime and the Rule of Law: Aristotle’s Politics, VII
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    9. The Mixed Regime and the Rule of Law: Aristotle’s Politics, VII

    Professor Steven Smith: I want to begin today with concluding Aristotle, part three. Before I do, however, could I just ask the people–yes, thank you so much. And your neighbor, too? Would you mind? Thank you so much. Just out of respect to Mr. Aristotle. It’s mister to you. I want to talk today about Aristotle’s discovery of America. This will probably come as a surprise to some of you that Aristotle discovered America, but I will get to that in a minute. In many ways for Aristotle, as it is for every student of politics, the most serious, the most difficult issue one confronts is the problem of faction.…

  • Richard Painter on Government Ethics, Conflicts, and the Constitution
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    Richard Painter on Government Ethics, Conflicts, and the Constitution

    The people will not have confidence in their government if the reality or even the appearance is that government officials are using their position to increase their financial wealth Between 2005-2007, I was the Chief White House Ethics Lawyer under President George W. Bush I worked with the White House staff and the President’s nominees to Senate confirmed positions on their financial conflicts of interest and compliance with government ethics regulations It’s critically important to make sure that all nominees are in compliance with the conflict-of-interest rules before they are put up for Senate confirmation So we go through everyone’s assets, liabilities, and business relationships and make sure that they…