• Jacques Delors on courage | 1989 [HD]
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    Jacques Delors on courage | 1989 [HD]

    And finally, as everyone here has been quick to say, the Community has for many years acted as a centre of gravity, a yardstick for freedom and for prosperity, and no doubt this has played a certain role in the events, which the peoples of Eastern Europe have triggered. If we fail to implement the decisions we have taken, we shall be incapable of making progress beyond 1992. It is said that luck can sometimes help, but that courage does so always. The peoples of Eastern and Central Europe have offered us the opportunity, It is we who must display the courage. My hope is that we shall display great…

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    Being a European Federalist in 2011

    Fundamentalist values are first of all that value of a human being. I think the European federalists are people who have a clear feeling what is needed for the future. It’s about being different, but trying to work together. One of the richest in the UEF Congresses is that you have a sort of an intergenerational debate. You got people, who have been around for, I don’t know, fifty years, and then you got people, who just started. I live Europe and I find that so fantastic that I wish that many more people were able to cross borders study abroad work and live in another European country. I think…