• Wishing Something Universal – Ep: 76
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    Wishing Something Universal – Ep: 76

    Lizzie: Hi, everyone! Happy post-Christmas! And happy post-Hanukkah too. Although that’s been over for a few weeks. And happy post-Winter Solstice! You know, I’m gonna forego mentioning every individual holiday and just wish everyone something universal. My name is Lizzie Bennet and Happy New Year! ..in the Gregorian Calendar. “Wishing Something Universal” Written by Kate Rorick Lizzie: Christmas was awesome. Dad loves his new socks, and no, I’m not going to quote my little sister and say “This is my haul!” while showing off various gifts, although I will say Jane gave me the most amazing box of 19th century decoupage valentines and Charlotte gave me a four terabyte hard…