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    Sources of Indian Constitution | Indian Polity

    There are 448 Articles in our Indian constitution But when you see the last Article of our constitution, it is Article no. 395, How is this possible? Hey everybody ! This is Priya and you are watching finology legal In today’s video we will get to know about the Sources of INDIAN CONSTITUTION But before this, we will understand the present structure of our Indian Constitution When on 26 November 1949 our constitution was fully made, Then there was total 395 Articles, 22 Parts and 8 Schedules were there But this was all about 1949 only But Since 1949, total 103 new amendments are introduced till present So after all…

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    Article 13 of Indian Constitution | With Important Case Laws | Indian Polity

    Hello everybody, My name is Priya. In today’s video, we are going to talk about Article 13. When we were making our constitution, we already had a lot of nations as example, which adopted democratic and humanitarian concept. So our founding fathers endeavoured to formulate something which reflects multiple things like rights of minority, principle of UDHR, our struggle for independence and what not. Therefore, while making the constitution, part III was discussed for 38 days. SO these are our rights & freedoms & this is our state. Part III exists with the same objective that our rights & freedoms should be protected against state’s arbitrary invasion. So this means…