• Is Money Speech?
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    Is Money Speech?

    >>EUGENE VOLOKH: Is money speech? Say the government says you can publish a newspaper but only if you spend less than $1,000 or even $1,000,000 to do it. Or, you can build a church, but only if it costs less than $1,000. Or, you can hire a lawyer to defend you in a criminal trial, but you can’t spend more than $1,000. All of these would be obviously unconstitutional. Why? Because money is the press? Or money is religion? Or money is a lawyer? Obviously not. Instead, it is because restricting spending money to exercise a Constitutional right: press, religion, counsel, unconstitutionally interferes with that right. The same is true…

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    A Constitution’s Road Trip

    [poignant music] [camera shutter clicking] – How does the Constitution affect my life? – Where should we start? [camera shutter clicking] – I wish I knew more about the Constitution. – I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out. – Uh… – I don’t know. – I don’t know anything about it. – The U.S. Constitution is providing freedom. – Freedom and boundaries. – Freedom and equality under the law. – Just the basis for freedom. – How can you go beyond free? – It protects me overall, general. – It protects us and protects others. – So to protect the citizens. – From an overweening government.…

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    First Amendment Only Protects Christians, Says Bryan Fischer

    Bryan Fischer a is apparently the head of the American Family Association and he apparently is some sort of media show put anybody ever watch that to be honest is when we run has cops they’re amusing and obviously the appeal to certain percentage other a country and give you a sense with the right-wingers are coming from so it we don’t show your eye pressure causes an enormously popular guy but we show it to you cuz he’s somewhat representative I love the thought process is a verb certain percentage in the country right so he want to weigh in on that Oklahoma monument controversy that we’ve been telling…

  • Stoplight: The First Amendment Amendment | CitizenLink
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    Stoplight: The First Amendment Amendment | CitizenLink

    Hi, I’m Stuart Shepard. This is Stoplight. You’re good so far. You have heard about a majority of Democrats in the Senate who are… ..What are you doing?? I’m the First Amendment Amendment Police. What is that!?! I’m here to make sure that you follow the amendment to the First Amendment. Oh — Well like I was saying, you may have heard about a majority of Democrats in the Senate who are backing an amendment to the First Amendment. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says campaign money is “Shady, Dark, Shadowy and Secret” “Free speech shouldn’t cost the American people a penny, a dime, certainly not a dollar” So, he…