• FIRE Starters: Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier
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    FIRE Starters: Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier

    We’ve learned that public school students possess First Amendment free speech rights at schools. In the Barnette and Tinker decisions, the United States Supreme Court protected the right of public school students to opt out of the Pledge of Allegiance and to wear a black peace armbands at school. However, in the 1980’s the United States Supreme Court cut back on the amount of student free speech protection. One of those decisions was Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier. It involved the ability of school administrators to censor speech in a student newspaper if the school’s principal felt that articles in the newspaper were inappropriate. At Hazelwood East High School, Principal…

  • SJSU Constitution Day 2019
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    SJSU Constitution Day 2019

    Every September, San Jose State University celebrates the U.S. Constitution on “Constitution Day” In 2019, we celebrate the First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances We’ll be on campus to help you contact your elected representatives and let them know what’s on your mind Whether it’s the president, Your Senators, Your Member of the House of Representatives, the Governor, Your member of the state legislature, or the mayor of your city or town, We’ll have lots of laptops on hand and experts to help So come give your representatives a piece of your mind! at Constitution Day 2019 Tuesday, September 17, 2019

  • New York Times Co.  v.  Sullivan Summary | quimbee.com
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    New York Times Co. v. Sullivan Summary | quimbee.com

    – [Narrator] Freedom of speech has its limits. Those limits were tested in New York Times Company versus Sullivan. In 1960, a civil rights organization took out a full page advertisement in the New York Times. The advertisement detailed a “wave of terror” perpetrated by civil rights opponents. Amongst other horrors, the advertisement accused the Alabama police department of terrorizing student protesters. In particular the advertisement claimed police had padlocked the students’ dining hall “in an attempt to starve them into submission”. The problem was that the advertisement contained a number of factual inaccuracies. The Alabama police never padlocked the student dining hall and several other statements in the advertisement…

  • Does Free Speech Offend You?
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    Does Free Speech Offend You?

    Freedom of speech. The ability to express yourself. It’s a cherished idea — as well it should be. Most of us who live in liberal Western democracies think of it as a basic human right. People have fought and died for it. But now we may be in danger of losing it. The threat is not coming from without — from external enemies — but from within. A generation is being raised not to believe in freedom OF speech, but rather that they should have freedom FROM speech — from speech they dislike. This is a threat to both pluralism and democracy itself. We see this in Europe where “sensitivity-based”…

  • Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST
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    Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

    Is the campus free speech crisis a myth? Some say yes. They tell us not to be distracted by media stories of campus radicals shouting down speakers. “Look at the big picture,” they say. “Free speech is doing just fine.” Are they right? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist. I was recently invited to Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon, to give a lecture making a case for more openness on women’s issues, such as the gender wage gap, or the patriarchal rape culture. These need to be questioned and debated, not accepted as gospel. Women—everyone—are best served by truth—not slogans, much less myths. But…

  • How to Save a Constitutional Democracy – Aziz Huq & Tom Ginsburg: Chicago Harper Lecture 2019
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    How to Save a Constitutional Democracy – Aziz Huq & Tom Ginsburg: Chicago Harper Lecture 2019

    COLIN HENNESSY: Good evening and welcome. My name is Colin Hennessy. And I have the pleasure of serving as the Executive Director of the University of Chicago Alumni Association. The Alumni Association, with the support of our amazing volunteers and community members, many of whom are in the room this evening, presents programming around the world ranging from social gatherings like Phoenix Fest to tonight’s intellectual engagement event, the Harper Lecture. And let me add, just for a minute, that tonight’s Harper Lecture has the most pre-registered people ever for a Harper Lecture. Nearly 700 people wanted to join us at this event this evening. So congratulations to all of…

  • How free is our freedom of the press? | Trevor Timm
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    How free is our freedom of the press? | Trevor Timm

    So this is James Risen. You may know him as the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The New York Times. Long before anybody knew Edward Snowden’s name, Risen wrote a book in which he famously exposed that the NSA was illegally wiretapping the phone calls of Americans. But it’s another chapter in that book that may have an even more lasting impact. In it, he describes a catastrophic US intelligence operation in which the CIA quite literally handed over blueprints of a nuclear bomb to Iran. If that sounds crazy, go read it. It’s an incredible story. But you know who didn’t like that chapter? The US government. For nearly a…