• The Most Important and Overlooked Amendment
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    The Most Important and Overlooked Amendment

    You might have thought the Constitution and the Bill of Rights covered all of the bases pretty well. Unfortunately it took another hundred years before we got around to writing an amendment that has affected your life in more ways than you probably ever knew. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments are all referred to as the Reconstruction Amendments. After the Civil War, in order to regain their representation in Congress and be welcome back into the Union, the southern states were required to ratify these amendments. The thirteenth amendment is fairly short and sweet. It ends slavery and involuntary servitude – except as punishment for a crime. This is…

  • 22. Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President
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    22. Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President

    Professor David Blight: I was in a meeting some months ago of the New York Historical Society’s Board of Trustees; august, wonderful group of people. That’s about thirty-five very rich New Yorkers and two token historians, and I’m one of the token historians. They have us there for window dressing, and other good and useful and noble purposes. And during a discussion of a subject I won’t even go into, one of the very intelligent and very dedicated members of that board–and I’m not being ironic–said that he really wished American history could be about “people of goodwill.” He wished American history wasn’t so full of conflict. In effect, he…