• Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School
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    Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School

    to anti gay teens were suspended for wearing Confederate flags to school this is in Washington in the suburbs of Seattle addicting info is reporting that school officials say they had warned the boys not to wear the flags because the flags are specifically prohibited in the dress code they were deemed disruptive and banned by the school and a a note when out saying from this point forward student in violation up the district dress code will be sent immediately to the office in parents contacted also clothing that promoter advertises drugs alcohol tobacco or sex are that displays representations of hate for anti-establishment like swastikas Confederate flags anarchism…

  • Glenn Beck Attacks FDR
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    Glenn Beck Attacks FDR

    got a video number seven it’s going back and he’s talking about how the health care bill is uh… basically oppressing the united states people pay close attention to this you’ll learn something history will equate this as uh… as big as the new dealer pearl harbor and if you think that’s overstating the importance remember we are talking about six of the yield u_s_ economy their transitioning to make health care are right along the with education just as f_d_r_ planned on doing paul the second bill of rights f_d_r_ unfinished revolution and why we need a march written by cast sons team the guidance in for many years…

  • Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land
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    Caller: Nevada Constitution says Feds Own Land

    Vicky in Tucson Arizona list and serious a bikie what’s up free Tom arm I with all due respect sheriff mack: I i think I’m can refute his claim and the claim over the rancher that Nevada father and the government should know nor does not on on 92 percent ourselves in a bottle and I I the nevada state constitution which was a adopted in 1864 ironically the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim alright entitle to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory and that the same shall be and remain at the whole entire disposition as the United States wow…

  • A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist
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    A Day in the Life of a Modern American Exorcist

    There is a war that is being waged between good and evil. Faith in God will lead us in one direction, the lack of faith will lead us in another. I have seen many manifestations of evil. Exorcism is the only cure for one who is truly demonically possessed. The Catholic Church knows that most of these claims are baloney. They cling to this because they’re afraid to give up that last vestige of the supernatural. If there’s no demons, maybe there’s no devil . And if there is no devil, maybe there’s no God. I am Father Vincent Lampert. I’ve been a Catholic priest for the past 25 years.…

  • First Amendment…only for Christians?
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    First Amendment…only for Christians?

    in the middle of all this you got the Hobby Lobby decision where the where the supreme court said a corporation can have a religion and can basically impose that religion on their employees because after all they’re just employees they’re not citizens or anything it’s not like the government should be protecting their rights their employees this is a contract you know financial thing Anderson just serves so they have to comply with the religion of the corporation and so the Satanist church the satanic temple the Detroit MI the Detroit chapter the satanic temple is sane well that’s true I know our religion were a nonprofit corporation to…